TMGs vs Streat 21st July 2019 by Robbie Hoare

A well renowned sports journalist commented to me that he enjoyed my last week’s match report as it contained a lot of cricket.

Heart warming as that was this week’s will not follow suit.

Not that I will be using alternative media to bring the essence of The Mighty Greys vs Streat to life. Rather that I am enroute to Turkey in an Airbus A321 and my battery life is limited, much like my attention span.

Anyway… what happened?

We lost the toss but got the outcome we wanted which was to bat second as otherwise past games suggested a draw was on the cards.

Opening the bowling for the Greys: quiet Ben and noisy Rob.

Rob using his age and experience to get the choice of ends condemning Ben to bowl into the swirling breeze.

First 3 overs. Maidens. Tight!

But no wickets after 8 overs so captain Newland pulled himself off.

Hullo, wicket.

Verbose Bob strikes.

Coming close to the wickets ball leaving the batsman as he tries to drive on the up.

Caught behind.

Proper cricket.

Zonk has come into the attack.

(Travel update – Wey hay drinks are free!!!!)

Bowling sharp and hostile. I always thought he was such a nice guy.

Gobby Rob’s wickets brought the Streat skipper to the crease and he looked like a man with a plan.

Aggressive shots were played.

12 scored off one over from Rowdy Rob.

Next over from loquacious Bob: one smashed back at the bowler stopped with boot/ankle… ouchie. Next ball, ooooh, cutter, pitched outside off hit top of leg. PSM.

Not much else to report we got them out for 148. One chap prospered, Matt Porter, got a 50. Other than that ball dominated bat.

Zonko fourfer.

Biffo and Shadow a couple each.


Greys to bat.

Jerry back up the order opening with in form Hatrick.

Solid platform never really in trouble they power to 100.

Oops Jerry bowled by second change bowler for 39. In the meantime Hatrick has scored another fine 50. Pick of the shots his first 4, a flowing cover drive that nearly kills the scorer.

Hatrick has been joined by Duncie l’Clunk they put on 39 and then are both out.

That leaves Al Gal and Biffo to finish it off, and they do.

TMG’s win by 7 wickets.

Crikey we’re finally getting good at this game.


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