TMGs virtual AGM 2020 minutes

Initial (administrative) AGM Friday 20th November 2020 8.30pm start

Present and apologies.

Present: Rob Meek, Del, Alex, Rob H, Ben N, Dan Hermitage, EO, Tel, Jerry, Trev, Dunc, Dan Cope, Rick F, Wiggo, Dom (16 present)

Alex apologises for ‘everything he’s ever done’. Biff says ‘it’s not my thing’.

1. Fixture list 2021.

Alex was very impressed by the tour house owner who found the £120 in his dressing gown pocket. What a superstar.

  1. 19th Apr Horley 1.30pm            
  2. 26th Apr U Beeding 2.00pm
  3. 3rd   May Jevington 1.30pm
  4. 10th May Twineham 2.00pm
  5. 17th May Warninglid 2.00pm
  6. 24th May Hartfield 2.00pm
  7. 31st May G.stone C 2.00pm
  8. 7th June B Street 2.00pm
  9. 13th June Tale Millers 2.00pm- TOUR
  10. 14th June Luppitt 1.30pm-TOUR
  11. 21st June B&H Cres 1.30pm
  12. 28th June S.water 2.00pm
  13. 5th July Denton 2.00pm
  14. 12th July Scaynes Hill 2.00pm  – agreed to keep this on the proviso of a 40 over game
  15. 19th July Streat 2.00pm
  16. 26th July Findon 2.00pm
  17. 2nd Aug WG Grace 2.00pm
  18. 9th Aug S.wick W 2.00pm
  19. 16th Aug Warninglid 2.00pm
  20. 23rd Aug Staplefield 1.30pm
  21. 30th Aug Lindfield 1.30pm
  22. 6th Sept Mayfield 1.30pm
  23. 13th Sept Cutters C. 1.30pm
  24. 20th Sept Angmering 1.30pm
  25. 27th Sept Denton.

2. NETS.

  • We will wait for Dom for an update
  • No nets available anywhere – nothing
  • BACA and the county ground no go
  • Pumpton closed
  • School is closed
  • Seems no way for nets :0(
  • EO implores the bowlers to keep turning their arms over

3. Captain’s report

  • 2020 had an unusual start to the season
  • Then that virtual match
  • Half way through July it all kicked off!
  • Won 7 lost 4, lost 2….close, lost 2 against strong young sides, the rest, we cantered!
  • Triple diamond duck!!!
  • Roborbob awesome!
  • Welcome 2 brilliant allrounders, Roshan, Dan C!
  • Thankful for some good cricket – DFWTMG!

4. T20 Captain’s report

  • Good first season – weren’t sure what to expect: standard, tactics…captaincy!?
  • Won 3 lost 3, probably should have won 2 of the ones we lost
  • Highlight was the high scoring Palmers game
  • Some amazing batting, Roshan, Dimu, Robor
  • Great bowling, long list of names!
  • Some great catches – Wiggo, amazing, diving – EO taking 2 great catches on the boundary
  • Welcome to Dan and Roshan
  • Welcome back to DD, RP, Tim G, Del
  • Overall a good first season!
  • Dunc would like to play again next season – fairly easy to get a team out, but purpose? Are we trying to win every game? Or give everyone a game?
    • Robor wants to win!
    • Alex thinks it’s great that some of the older greys could play
  • We agree to do the Slam, and to try to win it!
  • We agree to pay £5 for Slam matches

5. Treasurer’s report

– income-expenditure-2020-1Download

– income-expenditure-comparison-1Download

  • We need to get some new RED balls – worth noting that the amount we spend on these is increasing
  • Shall we buy a load of good and bad balls? Duncan agrees to get some
  • Rob has approached the county ground to get some money back or credit for time
  • Agree to keep match fees £10
  • Trev has spent a lot of time supporting Worthing rowing club

6. Secretary’s report.

  • special thanks to Duncan!
  • 75k visitors to the website

7. Voting in committee members.


  • EO noms Ben, Del seconds
  • Dom is nommed, but doesn’t accept.

Congratulations Ben, vote is unanimous!

Vice captain:

  • Ben noms Dom, Rob seconds

Congratulations Dom, vote is unanimous!

T20 captain:

  • EO noms Trev, Rick seconds – Trev withdraws
  • Ben noms Dan H, Dom seconds –  
  • Rob noms Robor, Trev seconds –
  • Del noms Duncan, EO seconds – DUNCAN WINS!
  • Robor noms Dom, but doesn’t accept

T20 vice captain:

  • Rob noms chiefy,
  • Dunc noms Dan H, Del seconds – Dan H wins!

Fixtures secretary:

  • Rick noms Alex, the vote is unanimous!!!


  • Rob noms Del and is seconded – Del wins!


– Dom noms Robbie, chief seconds – Rob does not accept – says that the major role is to accept subs

  • Duncan noms Dan H, Del seconds
  • Dom noms Hatrick, Trev seconds – the pitch: ‘love the idea of a dressing gown bank account’ – he wins the vote!

Club stato:

Rob is happy to keep going with this!

  • There was a request for graphs and wagon wheels…tumbleweed rolls by.

8. Awards:

Batting: Robor Bob 508 runs avg 84.67 best 113*!

Bowling: Dan Hermitage 16 wickets avg 16.94 best 3-25,

…..special mention to Jerry avg 1.33!!!

Norfork Enchants: Dom Ashton with 9!

Brokeback mountain award: Ashton & Line 128 Angmering

9. Noms for special awards – we vote to do this at the ‘party AGM’

  • Match report of the year
  • Party Seven Moment of the year
  • Mighty Greysman of the year

10. AOB (Premium bondage)

Closed meeting at 23.04pm















2 responses to “TMGs virtual AGM 2020 minutes

  1. Cheers Del. How can anyone look at that picture up there and not immediately think “Handforth Parish Council”?

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