TMGs vs St James July 2009 by Alex Fenton

Despite the game nearly being called off, TMG arrived at the beautifully appointed and equipped St James’ ground to find we were playing on the only just former ploughed field next door. Mo, the genial and verbose opposition wicket keeper suggested we shouldn’t actually try to field the ball, because we may get injured by an unexpected bounce. We lost the toss, and St James’ elected to bat, where upon we followed Mo’s advice almost to letter, although, unfortunately, we were actually trying, and some of the balls we didn’t field hadn’t actually hit the ground before we didn’t field them.

Openers Double D and the Landlord got us off to a good start, with three early wickets, and it was only a matter of time before the next batsman’s luck ran out and he found a fielder with yet another miss-hit drive. Spirits were high, although the run rate, and the fact that two of the four batsmen out were in fact children (and we didn’t even need Tim) should have caused some concern. When good batsman A was joined by good batsman B, captains of  B & H 2nds and St James’ 2nds respectively, nuts were loosened, wheels wobbled and then lost contact with the axles altogether as the Greys put on a display which would cause  the Red Arrows to have a rather large bill for replacement aircraft. 240 for 6, or was it 5 (why did I think I would remember the match stats, after the pub?)……declared after 32 overs of a 40 over game. At least Ib got there most destructive batsman out for 99, and there was a comic interlude as Alex, retrieving a ball that could have gone into the long grassed field next door but didn’t, proceeded to throw the ball straight into the long grassed field. Over the shoulder while trying to throw it back towards the stumps (PSM).

With notable resistance from Skip (18), and Parteridge (20) with some late and lusty blows, Greysmen came and went, mostly arriving at the crease with invitations to the bowler to help himself to their wickets, mostly gratefully accepted by the children. 79 all out. This match is surely destined for the anals of Greys history.


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