TMGs vs Twineham May 2010 by Richie Partridge


Iron chancellor Jerry “Georgie boy” Brasher was able to fine ‘em at Twineham as certain members of the Greys team helped to prop up his creaking economy with a series of misfields and mishaps pouring a little extra change into the cabinet  holiday fund    –  chief contributor was the hernia carrying Ian  “Eeyoor” Sewell whose donkey drops were lapped up by the home batsman and his suspicious flopping acrobatic dives over the ball helped to push the home teams score along at a crucial time  . Blaming his performance on “work related stress” he then proceeded to slate the beer served in the local hostelry whilst at the same time allowing the beneficiaries of his poor performance to buy him pint after pint of the said “flat ale” during  their celebrations  . There was even some talk of “brown envelopes in the toilets” ….. was this just idle tittle tattle or was there some substance to these rumours ?

Needless to say the Captains fine was a no-brainer this Sunday for Biff and Sewells future with the Greys is clearly hangs in the balance as we go to press .  Captain Biff had no further comment to make at this stage as he was last seen convening in a Brighton pub with his Vice Captain and his legal sage “the Shadow”.

Keeping with tradition and opening the batting the Greys struggled to find fluidity on a bitterly cold afternoon with batsman after batsman lobbing the ball gently to mid – off and even the reliable Del- Boy running out Alex before the poor chap had faced a single ball . The outfield was slow and the bowling from Twineham tight throughout the afternoon . Only Del Boy himself with 62 and Dave Day on 48 not out managed a decent contribution to the overall total of 148 off 39 overs. Taking the field in gloves and winter coats the Greys opening bowlers Robbie Hoare and Dave Day kept the runs at a minimum and should have been rewarded with a wicket or two each. However the stalwart opening bats of Twineham survived with steady if ponderous batting and an occasional slice of luck. Excellent fielding at point from Alan and a tight ring all round  kept the home side pegged back for the first 20 overs. However their cautious and sensible approach provided a solid foundation and when the hapless Sewell was brought on to bowl the writing was on the wall for the Greys.  A spell of accurate bowling at the stumps was seen as radical by some but brought Richie “ Porridge “ Partridge three quick wickets and Alex finally secured the wicket of James Trott – the Twineham  top scorer on 84 after Double D took a deep catch on the mid wicket boundary .

So a fairly Grey day all round , two games and two losses , suspicious glances and questions asked all round  –  what next for the Greys at WG……??

More Otter please Jerry !!¬



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