TMGs vs Brighton and Hove Crescent July 2011 by Biffo Line

Many shrouded things become clearer with hindsight . The lateness of
this posting , for which i apologise , allows for one such instance.
I refer of course to the vindication of the skipper’s oft criticised
“win toss and bat first” campaign. This match was the turning point ,
the pain of once again failing to knock over a staggering opponent
forcing the opening bowlers to become really amazing. The last two
weeks have seen Rob and Dave smash allcomers , the week and the
strong , batting first or bowling first , shit pitch or good. Perhaps
now some of those naysayers and doubting Thomases will consider
leaving the strategy to the experts and confining themselves to
criticising the skippers ridiculous personality defects and anger
management issues for which they are vastly more qualified.
As for the match , the force was strong with the Che. An impartial
observer such as your correspondent would have to say that Biff’s
highest score of 112 not out was the dominant feature of the game(the
success of the skippers gambit not yet being apparent). Unperturbed
by a rain break and being given an incorrect guard by an insanely
jealous antipodean umpire and former batsman , the ball was hit hard
to many parts of the ground. The rest of the top order struggled with
momentum being injected by the return of former Grey’s young lion and
FGC Ben with a typically quickfire 23 and finished off strongly by
the Vice and Io.

Benson and Hedges Crescent never looked like getting the 192 they
were set for victory . A decent but ultimately disapointing bowling
effort wasn’t helped by the cramped and hungover stumblings of the
skipper or the obvious effects of Ben’s long sojourn under the thumb
(or Phd work as he calls it). It seems that the Crescent managed 94
for 8 but by this time many of the crowd had trudged from the arena ,
a little wiser yes , but sadder still.


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