TMGs vs Hassocks July 2011 by Ibrahim Azami

On the 3rd of July at the beginning stages of our match against the Hassocks Team, due to our captain, Biff being else were engaged, our Vice Captain Dave stepped in to toss the coin to decide who will be in order to bat and bowl first. The outcome of this toss favored our opposition, giving them the priority of the match. upon our arrival to this match, we had anticipated that their performance would be strong, although once the match had began we discovered our strong form which led to interrupt them from making the effective partnership that we had expected. Our Senior Bowlers Dave and Rob proved a very high standard of bowling which knocked our opposition out of the round, which had inspired us to believe that we could knock them out in under fifty runs of the match. After this display of high quality performance, our captain Biff had subsequently chosen to alternate the positions of Dave and Rob as they had completed their overs. Biff decided to appoint Ibrahim and Ian to begin their bowling for this round of the match. Our opposition had expected that this new partnership shared between Ibrahim & Ian would struggle to compare to the standard of performance shown by the previous partnership of Dave and Rob in the last round, which they had concluded by a poor form displayed early on from this round. During this round, the Hassocks Team made a good partnership within their team which enabled them to achieve one hundred and forty-seven runs. Once the match had resumed after the tea break, our team began the opening with our captain, Biff and one of our batsmen named Tim. Within this session, our team shown competitive spirit with a top form of batting, but unfortunately after a few overs we lost Tim. Subsequently after the loss of Tim due to being knocked out, we lost two more batsmen in quick succession. It was soon becoming clear that the match was not in our team’s favor at this point, although to the delight of all our members in a quick twist of fortune, Biff and Terry had created a high standard of partnership, which led to making the victory of this match more of an accessible dream to our team. The matches’ unpredictability led to Biff and Terry being knocked out, although the team’s inspiration of their display had continued the strength of the our performance, which succeeded to another victorious partnership between our Wicket Keeper, Ben and our Vice Captain, Dave which allowed us to chase the one hundred and forty-seven runs achieved by our opposition, and win the match of the Hassocks grounds. We are very proud of this victory we have scored against the Hassocks Team within this match as this is a team that we have never succeeded against before in previous matches, which they are also a team not to have lost a single match within the past eighteen months up until the match that we competed against them in Hassocks.


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