Time to vote on tour options…

tmg-vs-luppitt-2012-3-zoomed-resizedWell it’s crunchtime. If Alex is to put his hard earned cash on the line for us to stay somewhere on tour, we need to stop alan-dilley-dallying and make a choice. The options are presented here, bear in mind some are more expensive than others, some are more isolated than others, some may actually be booked up now, some have double beds! Let’s get voting! 

3 responses to “Time to vote on tour options…

  1. What’s this? An outbreak of democracy in the Mighty Greys? Voting will never give us overall agreement, no decision will be made, and the only option left will be watching rivers of rainwater slide over your sleeping bag in Seaton.
    Alex is our fixtures secretary. Let him decide and we’ll get behind his decision, just like we follow the Captain’s direction on the pitch. As Senior Pro, I joined this club to feel the smack of firm leadership.

  2. Who the fuck has voted for camping? Democracy my arse ……no way am I sitting in that cold damp field ….was it you Tel? Was the post on here a double bluff?

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