T.M.G V Staplefield August 2012 by Double Dee Day

T.M.G V Staplefield
The C word
A bank holiday, a game of cricket and a disco back at Ian’s so it must be time for Staplefield.  Many a familiar face was missing from the opposition team to be replaced by much younger ones. But the old heads of the Greys don’t scare easy unless Rob is fighting outside his old pub, so all was good. Staplefield won the toss and  asked us to bat. The going was tough and so was the bowling but Jerry and Biff weathered the early storm before Biff was bowled for 11. Jerry is having an excellent season with the bat and as partners came and went he kept solid and put away the crap; the highlight a beautiful cover drive up the hill for 4. Alex chipped in with a useful 16 including one magnificent sweep for 4 and Dave’s better than a run a ball 25. Jerry finally succumbed through tiredness and trying to get on with it for a match winning 81. So 175/8 at tea and knowing how well we bowl we always fancied the job. Little did we know what was to come. Rob and Dave opened as per with Rob getting a wicket with his first over. Dave at the other end had the pleasure of bowling to young man who had one shot to be fair to him when he connected it went a long way, but you don’t chalk up 250 wickets for the Greys unless you know how to deal with these upstarts. Slower ball followed by an inswinging yorker did for Shazaad and as if by magic he was gone. Dave was replaced by Ian and finally Ian found his mojo and bowled circa 2005 (i.e. no shite) 4 for 47 was just reward for this efforts. Ben behind the stumps who was once a young lion has grown into an older lion or is it a zebra I never really watch wildlife programmes. His performance was as good as any Greysman has seen.  A stumping off a seamer on an unpredictable wicket was proof. Also one off a more predictable source as Ibu bowled well again but a single stumping his only success. Ben is always teetering on the edge once the  gloves are on and today he might have just tipped over the edge, you decide. Ibu bowels a beautifully flighted ball to the hard hitting Scott, he charges, misses, Ben in a flash whips off the bails but umpire Shazaad at square leg gives him not out. Now we can all see clearly he has not made his ground and young Scott being an honest gent and fella walks but umpire Shazaad calls him back. Scott declines this most generous offer from said umpire and with a ‘I know I’m out’ walks off. Some might say justice was done but Ben, by now turning the colour of the match ball, chips in with ‘yeah cause you’re a fucking cheat’. Anyway still a match to be won and that honour fell to our young bowling sensation Max Fenton, the babyfaced assasin. One over, one wicket, job done, game won. Back to HQ to drink, have a livener and then disco at Ian’s.

One response to “T.M.G V Staplefield August 2012 by Double Dee Day

  1. can’t believe that guy walked on a run out! never in my day…even if I fell over in the middle of the wicket I wouldn’t walk….good lad!

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