Post hack recovery update

Firstly to all greysmen, sorry to have clogged your inboxes over the past day or so. It’s been the only way to resurrect the old hacked data. Bloody hackers! I hope you’ve had a nice unsensored stroll down memory lane (yes I’ve not actually sensored/distorted/up-slandered the text this time).

We’re almost there! I’ve managed to salvage most of the archived match reports. It seems the ones are missing are the ones that I’ve written (because I didn’t have the backup in the same place :0(. It’s ok, there weren’t too many. I’m sure there are other match reports that are missing for other reasons (I added them from some exotic foreign remote place using the banana wifi I cobbled together using an old coat hanger and a nintendo gameboy). So calling all greysmen, can you please go through your computers, your old laptops, your email sent folders to see if there are other match reports or documents or pictures that you’ve sent me in the past. Then check if it’s on the website (the search facility works well…use that!), if it’s not there then send it to me again!

I’m also in the process of updating all the PSM data (that’s darter, not daytah), the match results, the maps and ground info pages.

If anyone has any ideas for posts (past examples include Terry’s fashion tips, and the Pictorial ode to the Shadow) send em over and I’ll post em!


2 responses to “Post hack recovery update

  1. Greetings from New York on Men’s semi final day. Well done for all the restoration work Delboy. Thought you might like to have a couple more pics – first one is of me outside Family Dollar, the USA’s answer to Matalan, the second is me at the Arthur Ashe stadium, just to wind you up. El Tel Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 11:10:33 +0000 To:

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