Delbert’s home bodgejob bat repairs

broken-cricket-batI’ve been doing a bit of repair work on some nice Newbery bats (not this one!) that I’ve smashed up over the last few years (and a broken one that DD picked up cheap like), and found it really quite a nice complement to the humdrum of human interaction that is teaching and being tied to a computer that is writing in my super witty rhetoric….and I get off on the smell of linseed oil.

I didn’t expect much from the attempts, but the repair jobs seem to be pretty good, in some cases you can’t even tell there was a crack or that the bat had been split into pieces! I’ll put some pics up of these in due course, but if there are any mighty greysmen who want some pre-season bat TLC then bring them to nets and I’ll have a go. I’m happy to repair cracks and splits (if the bits have broken off then make sure you keep the pieces!), sand back and oil the face, reface with a plastic coating, retoe with a plastic toe coating, regrip etc…just bring the bat to nets and I’ll have a go.

5 responses to “Delbert’s home bodgejob bat repairs

  1. Wow, what a good offer. Grateful if you look at my bat tomorrow. Also, I want to get another rubber for the handle – I think you have a thingy to put it on with? (fnaa, fnaa)

  2. I should add that for any “Che’s” out there, there is a £40 surcharge for the hire of a fork lift to get it into my spare bedroom…

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