3.8.14 – A Big Day and a Long Shadow

Come 2pm on Sunday,  they will have played 500 matches for the Mighty Greys between them. Tel, who holds the all time record for most capped greysman, will be playing in his 300th match, and Dave, who holds the all time wicket taking record (currently 295) will be playing his 200th match. This is a mighty achievement from two of the mighty pillars of our club.


Yes, side by side they are like chalk and cheese (or chalky and cheesy?), their styles couldn’t be more different.

Tel with his guile, his style, his perfectly manicured getup, his flowing grace in the outfield and around the crease has pushed him into club greatness in a career lasting over 20 years.

tel_circa_1930Dave on the other hand is the work horse of the team -propping up the forever injured Robbie. He wears his fading pinkish hat, and on cue blasts away the opposition with his power and bulk with bat and ball.

dave-vs-lindfieldLet’s look at some of the combined statistics* for these giants of our game.

  • Total matches: 498
  • Total runs scored: 8027
  • Total wickets taken: 463 
  • Total overs bowled: 2015
  • Total pints consumed on match days: 3486**

These figures don’t lie. The contribution of these two mighty men to the TMGs reputation and way of life is unparalleled and is destined for TMGs folklore. Sunday should be celebrated with gusto by Greysman past and present wherever they may be. These two men are already TMGs legends, congratulations boys!

Delbert xx

*for the full breakdown of their career statistics click here.

**based on conservative estimate of pints consumed pre-match, during match, post-match at venue, after-post-match at local-pub, subsequent-after-post-match in Biffo’s Bunker.

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