2015 Gr-AGM minutes, actions and pictures

Grey-GM 2015 at EOs house in Hanover, Friday 13th November 2015 from 7:30pm

Welcome to the 2015 AGM! Ricky: “25th?”, All: “no, 2015!”

  1. 7:30pm Dinner at EOs – YES!! Aim to eat after committee members voting in.
  2. Present and apologies.

Present: Del, Tel, Alex, Biff, Dave, Jerry, Ricky, Rick, Ben, Zack, Alan, Ben, Ian, Rob, Dom, Chiefy (late), Jonny woodford (late).

tmgs-agm2015 (3)

Apologies: Tim Greaves, Wiggo (on duty watching Ireland’s euro 2016 dream slip away).


3. Fixture list 2016.

  • Hartfield
  • Warninglid
  • Twineham
  • Cutters choice
  • Findon
  • Old greys? If we can get a fixture then we’ll go for that instead – if we play the old greys – Ricky asks if we can call it the “old greys whistle test”!?
  • Brunswick village
  • Sidbury
  • Luppitt

Shall we stick with the same house on tour? We get a good discount? It’s got table tennis?..I think we voted yes here?

  • Brighton hove crescent
  • Bodle street – only if they can get a proper cricket team
  • Denton
  • Lindfield
  • Ansty – try to play away
  • Wg gracefully
  • Selmeston
  • Warninglid
  • Staplefield
  • Hammerwood
  • Poynings
  • Arundel
  • Balcombe
  • Another! yes please!

4. Reflection on this year: A Skipper’s perspective.

Thanks to the officers of the club!!! Alex, brilliant! Robbie with financing, done absolutely amazing! Rob is so good he actually paid me before I spent the money! We know where we are at all times. Terry has looked after the moral compost of the team, fantastically! Sorted all the trophies out…been a general don! Dave did a great job with the nets! Del did a great job with the website.

Skipper’s life is made easier by people playing all the time. One man did it all this year, ever present, batted, scored runs, bowled, kept, scored, amazing Alex!! A few names named, then Zac was praised for missing only 5 games in his debut season!! And he scored his maiden 50 for the greys!

There’s been some great performances, I just wanted to mention how amazing Terry has been this season…in particular how many amazing partnerships he’s been in ! he’s played with intelligence, played some big shots, played as aggressively as ever, really really brilliant!

The elephant in the room is the results. We only won 6 games in the season, 15 losses and 2 no results.

Rob thanks for being stato!!

I’d like to think we had as much fun as ever this season! the shrew was great! “act your age not your shrew size!”. It’s not good losing all the time though. Some of our superstars didn’t play many games, but hopefully they’ll play more next year. But we can all improve, and attendance at nets will help with this. Nets is about having a laugh, but we should be trying to improve. Value your wicket in the nets. Bowling, graham swan was on the radio the other day (we all agree he is a cunt)…every single ball should aim to hit the top of off stump. We’ve got to get rid of those four balls. Everyone who wants a bowl should get a bowl, should this be a policy?

Thank you for letting me be the captain of the best cricket team of the world!!

IO gets a hard time, but he is fucking amazing! This shit on the wall is absolutely outstanding (there are posters on the wall saying “don’t do it!” for skip not to resign) . Thanks mate, we all do appreciate it!


5. Vice captain’s report.

Firstly, tour: amazing thanks Alex!!! We became world champions! Hopefully I’ll play a bit more next year. Terry batted like a complete demon! If Terry can do it, anyone do it! Terry: that’s the best backhanded complement I’ve ever had!

We are the best team in the world. Results don’t show it, but we are. Playing under Biff has been an absolute pleasure!!

Nets: Thursdays 6-7pm, no xmas eve or new years eve, finish on 21st April (that’s the last net). Nets are now £34, we need 7 people there a week to break even!!

Ian said he was so tired he was crying!


6. Refraction on this year: A Treasurer’s attempt to bend the truth.

we made a loss of £167 this season (from tour) , but we still have £616 in the bank. We still have £110 debt from Ian, not sure what we’ll do about it. Ian doesn’t remember paying the £100 on tour. He says “result!”.

Ricky: If we do a “wet round” can we do it for children in need?: everyone: FUCK OFF!



7. Reclassification: Scum (secretary) tells all.

Well over 30,000 hits on the website, lots of interest, goes down well!

8. Voting in committee members.


Rob noms terry., alex seconds – unanimous for Terry!


Dave noms Alan.

Del noms Ibu


Del noms Rob, Bif 2nds that. Rob – unanimous


Biff noms Del and Zac 2nds n- Del wins

Dave noms alan jerry 2nds

Fixtures secretary:

Del noms Alex, Ian 2nds. Alex wins unanimous.


Biff noms rob, jery 2nds, ROB wins!

Dave noms ian, alan 2nds.

Ricky says Ian has been furballed.


Biff has tended his resignation.

Ian noms Biff, Terry 2nds.

Alex noms Ben, zac 2nds

Dave noms Alan, Ric 2nds

Biff: “Ill do anything the club wants me to”…Ricky: “oh really!!!??”

Biff wins: 8 votes!


Chairman: biff has done 11 seasons, it’s fucking hard work!!! I’m absolutely delighted you’ll be there to do this for another season!

Vice skipper

Biff noms Ben, Tel 2nds that.

Ben noms Ian, Del 2nds that.

BEN wins with 8 votes!

LETS BREAK for DINNER! we all have a really really yummy curry!

Terry: “Dave’s shoes are hard to fill…unless you’re Ricky and you’ve had a skinful!”

9. Awards for this year:

Robbie does stats:

  • Terry’s list was went through. Unforunately we didn’t go to the Caribbean. Biff got his 6000 runs! Robbie had family issues. Ricky still only needs 5 wickets for his 100. Del didn’t get the batting trophy….biffo got it! Dave got his 300th career wicket! Terry got more than 250 runs!! Jerry made Terry very angry!
  • Bowling award – with Ben 25 wickets!!


  • Batting award – with 345 Biffo wins!! Just! From Terry.


  • Brokeback mountain award – Terry and Biffo with 123 runs at Denton!


  • Norfolk Enchants (catching) – Alex with 11 catches (for the 2nd year in a row)!


  • Party Seven Moment of the year.


  • Terry’s shrew comment
  • Biff jumping on a dozing Tim, hence inventing: big daddy smash.
  • Terry run out at hammerwood


  • Terry getting hit on the head – your end! Doinnk! – 5
  • Ians final wicket at warninglid – 7…and WiNNER!!!
  • Alans inswinger at Arundel


Mighty Greysman of the year.

Dave noms terry: for being old and scoring the amount of runs you did. Alex 2nds that – 2 votes

Ben noms hatrick for showing how much he loves the club despite his accident – 4 votes

Ian noms alex for his commmittement in all areas. Rick2nds that – 1 vote

Tel noms zac for being most improved, for turning up in almost all games, great catches + new – 2 votes

Biff noms Robbie Hoare. Sats, treasury, so lovely all teh time, and rides a motorbike. Always good values! – 1

Biff noms ben. Fantasic season, improved, said so many things that make everyone laugh!! – 5 BEN WINS!!!


Ricky noms terry…again!

  • Match report of the year (new!).


  • Ians warninglid audio track – close to unianmous
  • Zacs from balcome with diagrams – 1
  • Biffs post apolcalypse -1

tmgs-agm2015 (4)

ZACK volumteers to make up an innovative trophy for this!!!

  • Any other business/nonsense.

Terry goes through is 2016 todos!

Alex raises the point of need for people to do more in terms of contribution for things like:

  • Scorebooks
  • Collect money after games and nets
  • General greysman ness…

we all sing the new team song “it’s now or never!”…and we do so very clearly and coherently…and here it is in full flight as an audio track…apologies for the delayed start to the track…

then we all dance like this in EOs living room…and Ricky was the guy dancing with the bird in the red outfit…

and we all dance to this….

and here are all the pics I took…sorry for the delay! Delbert xx

6 responses to “2015 Gr-AGM minutes, actions and pictures

  1. Great work Del, although slight mistake on those present, because I was there, I’m fairly sure. Great night….cheers for being a great host again, the cricketer formerly known as Eo.

  2. ah yes, sorry bout that! I’m sure there are others I missed…laptop problems in those early stages you see…also, formerly known as EO, what’s his new name?

  3. Does anyone else remember me paying my debt to this society? I’ll be back in high office before anyone can say “Mandelson”!! HHaaaaa…hahaaaajhahaahah!

    • I remember Terry standing over you in all his robes with that great big sword in his hand, then tapping you on the shoulder saying he absolved you of something…but I couldn’t remember what…now I remember!

  4. Great stuff Del.

    What Dave actually said, however, was: “It is a disgrace!” (bangs table hard with fist) “that you” (points finger slowly at each person in the room)”have allowed this old man” (jerks thumb sideways at me)”who can only shuffle between the stumps and is nearly dead, to nearly win the batting trophy. Hang your heads in shame Greysmen!”

    Yes Ian, I remember. You’re fully rehabilitated now.

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