Chairman Terry’s 16 for 2016

Last year I said there were 15 things I would like to see happen that would make for a great season.  Seven of them happened, so not only did we not end up on Necker Island, I didn’t even have to buy the beer at the AGM.  So here’s my 16 for the 2016 season:

In rank order of probability:

  1. DD gets the 1 run he needs for 4000 career runs
  1. Robbie gets the 3 wickets he needs for 300 career wickets
  1. Rikki gets the 5 wickets he needs for 100 career wickets
  1. Hatrick takes to the field again, and we give him a guard of honour when he does so
  1. Delbert scores the 124 runs he needs for 6000 career runs
  1. Alan gets a Michelle.
  1. Alex beats his career best of 70 runs and gets the 17 runs he needs for 2000 career runs
  1. I get the 320 runs I need for 5000 career runs
  1. We win more games than we lose
  1. We finish the season by beating Balcombe
  1. Zak gets his maiden ton
  1. The Brokeback is won by two people who aren’t Biff, Jerry or Delbert
  1. We beat Twineham. Please please please!
  1. At least one of the partnership records for each wicket goes
  1. Ibu or QB get their maiden 50s
  1. Me and Jerry run a five.

Our incentives:

10 out of 16:   Good season:I will buy all the beer for the 2016 AGM

12 out of 16:   Great season:  I’ll host the AGM as a private function at the Constant with free beer, food etc

16 out of 16    Best season ever: The AGM in the Caribbean with all the trimmings is back…



17 responses to “Chairman Terry’s 16 for 2016

  1. 1-10 eminently do-able 11 & 12 not so sure , 13 I’d like to be confident but it just never happens , 14 has a good chance , 15 if it happens I’d love to be there , 16 do we have to actually run it . . . I’m thinking Constant with all the trimmings. …..

  2. One game in and No.2 is off the list already, along with half of No.7. – congrats to Robbie and Alex.

  3. bloody hell great work boys!! when I left a draw was looking as likely as that Caribbean trip…and congrats Rob…a great milestone mate…

  4. Another week, another faller. No. 13 has been tossed into the dustbin of history, leaving twelve and a half to go.

    Which will fall next Greysmen? I’m saying no.6.

  5. Yep, I called it. No. 6 came crashing down yesterday with Alan’s glorious and thoroughly deserved 5-3 at Bodle St. 4 and a half down, 11 and a half to go.
    No. 3 surely has to go next – will Rikki still be in his dressing gown and pirate hat when he does it?

    After that the targets get a lot more tricky….

  6. Following yesterday’s result, we have now gone dormie on the win/loss ratio, i.e. whatever happens (unless we decide to play to Xmas), we will win more than we lose, so No. 9 also falls. The running total is now 5 and a half, with almost all of the above still achievable this Sunday….even no. 16 itself.

  7. Number three finally fell yesterday when Rikki sent Balcombe’s disco bails flying, soon followed by number ten when we recorded our first glorious victory there. Seven and a half down, two and a half needed for free beer at Richard’s….

  8. hey guys — haven’t quite worked out the final match report yet, but feel like it might be a good idea to get everyones favourite moment/bit/thing from the season. is this the right place to collect them?

  9. from the amount of replies I’d say no , this isn’t the right place ! to blow your trumpet I’d say your Twineham innings particularly the over where you took 20? and the bowler (I was umpiring ) went off muttering and apologising that he’d “lost them the game “

  10. oh man, thank you. god, that seems like a long time ago. match report all done now. good section on your batting i think, Jerry!

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