Nets now Mondays 8-9PM from 5th DECEMBER at Falmer Academy

We’ve had our November nets spell, now we’re into our next booking phase which will be Mondays.

Nets start again tomorrow night (Monday 5th December) and are still 8-9pm. This will carry on through until the season starts (last net session on Monday 10th April 2017) .

Note: there will be no nets on Monday 19th December and on Boxing Day.

These will be held at the Falmer Academy (they call it BACA – we call it FACA).

To see a map and for more info, visit their website at:

7 responses to “Nets now Mondays 8-9PM from 5th DECEMBER at Falmer Academy

  1. They said they would be closed until the 2nd of January. I assume that is inclusive, but I was going to confirm tonight.

  2. Oh, and the don’t like being called BACA either, and have pulled me up on it. Officially it is the Aldridge Cricket Academy.

  3. Greysmen! I’m going to the ODI tomorrow at MCG – Kiwis v. Aussies. It’s raining in Melbourne today. Assuming play tomo, who do I support? Underdog / scum? Englishmen usu support the underdog. Advice please, Delbert…

    • well at the moment, the underdog IS the scum! but you might as well beat the dog while he’s down…have fun and enjoy those pies!…ps there might be dog in those pies.

  4. i have failed to keep abreast of the constant ebb and flow of information. when is GACA? – Greys Alcoholic Christmas Antics.Sorry for missing tonight. I thought there would be the 19th too!

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