Chairman Terry’s 17 for 2017

With the new season just days away, it’s time for Chairman Terry’s 17 for 2017.  All numbers  predate last week’s pre-season friendly.

What’s your guess at the end of season total Greysmen?

N.B.  All disputes concerning these targets will be referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport where, as ever, I will be represented by my solicitors Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne.

Chairman Terry’s 17 for 2017
1 Either DD or Tim Greaves each plays more than five matches or a total of ten between them
2 EO hits his first ever six for TMG
3 Either Biff (234) or Jerry (302) get to 7000 careers runs
4 Either Ibu,  Hatrick or QB get their maiden 50s
5 Delbert scores the 45 runs he needs for 6000 career runs and plays more than five matches
6 Evil Ben  beats his career best of 25 and takes five catches
7 Either Alex or Dom/Zonk score their maiden centuries
8 I get the 86 runs I need for 5000 career runs before my 365th game (349) for the club
9 Either we win more games than we lose or Alan hits a boundary to win a match
10 Dave Turning Ball or Richard P feature in a fifty run partnership
11 Ricky S takes a c and b or hits two boundaries or more in an innings
12 The Brokeback is won by two people who aren’t Biff, Jerry or Delbert,
13 We beat Cutters Choice
14 At least one of the partnership records for each wicket goes (1 = 159; 2 = 238; 3 = 139; 4 = 135; 5 =  111; 6 = 119;  7 = 108; 8 = 85; 9 = 78; 10 = 39)
15 The imperious Robbie Hoare gets a Michelle or a hatrick
16 Me and Jerry run a five
17 Zak takes more than five catches and scores more than 150 runs
10 or more – I will happily buy all the beer at the AGM

12 or more – A slap-up meal for everyone named here at  Indian Summer – I pay for  the food, you pay for  the alcohol

15 or more – I’ll pay for the alcohol as well

Full House – it’s Necker Island


18 responses to “Chairman Terry’s 17 for 2017

  1. I think 12 is very possible ( I’ve perused the menu and I’ll stick to the water) Is the 2nd wicket partnership record really 23 ? best get your legal team on that one Tel .

    • Jerry’s right. Highest 2nd wicket partnership is 238 (Biff and Delbert vs Streat in 2009)

  2. Oh, and nice one Tel. Your usual combination of interesting targets and one or two never going to happens.

  3. ZONK! definitely getting all 17 this year. I’ve started tapping up various members of the opposition teams for some dodgy spot-fixing antics – You and Jerry running a 5 is on!

  4. What’s the chances of getting 10 games out of Chubs and me? Why not chuck in Harry,Bob,Tom and Adam to shorten the odds?

  5. no easier than last year, especially the all run 5, some bribery of the oppo will be required as fat arse suggests, also number 9 has been done, against forest row a couple of seasons ago

  6. I’m off the hook; Hatrick’s 50 is a banker for number 4. I would set the spread at 9 so a sporting chance of some 3% Sainsbury’s Basics bitter for the AGM.

  7. Our thumping victory over Cutters Choice last means that we are 1 down, 16 to go. Jerry and Zonk’s splendid and crucial partnership equalled – but did not beat – the 135 that Biff and I put on for the fourth wicket against Blakes in 2003.

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  9. And three more have gone in recent weeks. Biff knocked off no. 3 at Denton, and 8 and 11 both went at Southwick Wanderers. A total of 4 down, thirteen to go. No. 5 will fall as soon as Delbert steps onto the pitch again, meaning that 5 more are needed from the remaining games to make me put my hand in my pocket and buy a £100+ round in the autumn. Come on Greysmen – make me pay!

  10. I am sure that, like me, all Greysmen are horrified to learn of the destruction of Branson’s Necker Island by Hurricane Irma.
    although mercifully I’m told that the cricket pitch there is still playable.
    With the 17th target about to be completed any game now, Derek and I spoke to Richard by satellite phone earlier today, proposing that our scheduled match against the Richard Branson Invitation XI should now be a charity match by which TMG will help raise funds to help poor Sir Dicky get back on his feet again. With the global box-office pull of TMG at its peak, we anticipate that sales of TV and Multimedia Rights, Image Rights, Match Receipts, and auctioned memorabilia (I’m prepared to sign my coveted Greys shirt) and many other options (we might have to bring our own packed lunch) should net a seven figure number for the fund, and put a roof back over his head.
    A response from the Virgin Team should be swift and I’ll let you know who we can anticipate facing in the Invitation XI.

  11. Hatrick’s splendid 50 at Poynings means number 4 is no more, so its now 5 down, 12 to go with 3 games left. All twelve of these are still possible, and today’s email from Branson says our game in the Caribbean (see above) is still on, Irma notwithstanding.

  12. Delbert’s successful negotiation of a pass out yesterday means that number 5 is no more. He reached the 6 000 mark at Hartfield several months ago, and the 400 he has added since means that the 7000 club will have a new member soon. As with Alex though, the same question needs to be asked: apart from about 15 centuries, loads of 50s, some of the best catching and fielding any of us have ever seen anywhere, keeping wicket (often after batting for 30 odd overs), maintaining the world’s best cricket website – which more Greysmen should make an effort to contribute to – and bravely trying to make sense of all the drunken non-sequiturs that make our AGMs such a delight – apart from that Delbert, what have you ever done for the Greys?

    Want to know what other teams think of Delbert? Click here,
    search on “Covill” and have hours of fun!

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