TMGs AGM 2018 at Alex’s house

Present: Terry, Dom, Biff, RoborBob, Ian S, Rob, Rick, Dave Chief, Ricky, Alex, Alan, Ben, Duncan (late), Jerry (very late)

Apologies: Ian Wiggy, Dave Day

tmgs-agm-2018-alexshouse-rabbleThanks to Alex and Kim for the splendid selection of nibbles etc!

Election of the chair: Alex noms Terry, Ben seconds…unanimous vote! (for some reason Ian later moans about this item being up front – wanker).

Fixtures 2019

  • Horley – yes
  • Hartfield – yes – and happy to persue to play twice in the year
  • Colemans hatch / Jevington – Jevington is preference
  • Twineham – yes
  • Warninglid – yes
  • Upper beeding – yes
  • Bodle st – yes
  • Buxted park – yes
  • Tour – Sat –
  • Tour – Sun – Luppitt – yes
  • BH crescent – yes
  • Southwater – yes
  • Denton – yes
  • Scaynes hill – yes if possible
  • Streat – yes
  • TBC/watersfield – yes
  • WG Gracefully – yes
  • Southwick W – yes (once)
  • Warninglid – yes
  • Staplefield – yes
  • Lindfield – yes
  • Poynings – yes if another date is possible
  • Cutters choice – yes
  • Lindfield – yes

tmgs-agm-2018-alexshouse-alan-alextmgs-agm-2018-alexshouse-alan-alex-ricky2020 tour: we agree to vote on it down the road and look at the options next year.

Thanks to Alex, for a sterling effort!

‘no finer fixtures secretary has walked this earth!’

NETS: we now pay £7.50 per net

Thanks to Jerry and Duncan for sorting the nets!!

tmgs-agm-2018-alexshouse-rik-chief-alanCaptain’s report

The dawn of a new era….


28 players used this season!

Welcome to the new players

New fixtures were great!

Personal low: crushing loss at the lid

Personal high: first win and Dom ton and chiefy 6 for!

Special mention to chiefy for his bowling

RoborBob’s average

Terry’s amazing catches

9 losses, 2 draws and 10 wins…(in the books there was an accounting error so we were actually +1 for the season)

It’s been a priviledge and honour to captain you all!

Jerry (in the form of Chiefy since Jerry is away)


Vice captain’s report


Innings of the season – Dom at Sidbury

Best bowling that I’ve seen – Ben at Lindfield, Chiefy at Sidbury

Best catch – I’m far too modest but it was me

If you ever want to be able to get back into the side after a holiday, become vice captain!

murmur: ‘that was just plain weird’

Treasurer’s report

It’s great having Robbie here!

We are not broke, we have money in the bank. Profit of £72. There was a challenge to the figures, but nobody really cared and it doesn’t change anything anyway.

No need to change what we do.

Thanks so much to Robbie!!!


Secretary’s report

> 58k hits on the website, good comments from oppositions.

I am open for contributions – images work great!

Some help with match reports please, more images on the whatsapp would be great. Duncan and Rick agree to publish some match reports. Both of you are now administrators on the site, log in at: (or there is a login link on the left hand menu near the bottom).

Photos of the opposition’s scorebook is BETTER than copying up the book. THIS SHOULD BE AN OFFICIAL JOB – we vote and agree that it is VCs responsibility to ensure it is done (i.e delegate this).

Stats files: should include dates. Action on Robbie.

Rick and Chiefy agree to do player images and player profiles.


Voting in committee members:

Captain – Ben nom and 2nded, Duncan also, Dom also, Ricky wa: s to know what we’re talking about. Ricky also nomed, but he and Dom don’t want their names to go forward.

Ben win unanimously.

VC – noms (all seconded): Dom (7), Jerry (5), Rick, Dunc, Chiefy

Dom wins.


Fixtures secretary – Alex…yes!

Secretary – Del, Rick (doesn’t want to do it), Dunc, Del wins!

Treasurer – Rob…Rob wins!!

Stato – Rob…wins!!


Chairman’s report

Hello again! Let’s move straight on…what is the fucking point?

What state is the moral compost in? LOW!!!

Targets next year? Yes!!! Terry’s 19 for 2019…


Bowling: Ben!!! 21 matches, 122 overs, 21 maidens, 588 runs, 32 wickets, avg 18.38, econ, 4.59, best 5-6!!!!


special mention to Duncan! Avg 13 with the ball.

Batting: Dom!!! 19 matches, 538 runs, hs 104, avg 48.91, sr 118…1st ever 100 in adolf cricket! That’s leads us to the …tour of Germany!


Brokeback mountain: Dom and Bish!!! 136 for the 4th…this is a record!!

another new record partnership was broken for the 8th wicket: Gallagher and Burgess – 87 at Denton


Norfolk enchants (catching): Jerry!!! 12 catches!! (Chiefy here standing in for Jerry in his absence).


later Jerry turns up and receives his award…



Match report of the year


Ben’s once in a lifetime – 5…WINNER!!!

Dom’s dystopia – 4

Roborbob’s Poem – 0

Duncan’s podcast – 4


Party seven moment of the year

Jev – dunc (Jevington) walking out with no bat (9 votes)…’your extreme incompetence is rewarded!’


Mighty greysman of the year


Terry – for turning out week after week, and bowling brilliantly, and taking great catches! – WINS!!!!

Duncan – for finding people to play, always being there, always doing bits, helping out, nets, and for buying a flat overlooking the cricket ground

Rick – for doing treasurer assistance, and stepping up: scoring, website, etc

Roborbob – for coming back and getting stuck into the culture of the club and doing so well

Del – secretary stuff despite only playing 1 game

Ben – for fantastic captaincy and bowling well

Dom – for general contribution with cricket, banter

Rob – for doing the stats all year!!!



TOUR: unbalanced contribution called into question. A garbled discussion is had. Ricky gives a great speech.


we got on this to leave it as it is (10 votes), and don’t take on Alex’s proposal to add an extra £50 to tour fees.

SCORING: We all agree that everyone needs to be able to score!!!

Duncan: county ground…good to have Grey’s night watching cricket!! We all agree that Duncan needs to find a date.

Greys CAP:  we want to have a cap! Baggy greys! Badges! Ricky has a mate who can do this cheap…great!

Ben will give his logo to James to sort out, then we order some caps! Logos to be voted on, need to be submitted by the end of nov…shirts n caps

XMAS drinks and secret santa – Friday 28th December – sorted by Chiefy – max spend of £2

Thanks to the Fenton’s for hosting us!

31st shoutathon closed!!! Party begins…






4 responses to “TMGs AGM 2018 at Alex’s house

  1. Great write up, great photos, great evening. Thanks again to Alex and Kim and thanks everyone for Greysman trophy. Honour and privilege. P.S Anyone else think person in the middle between me and Robbie H in photo above looks like Dead Ben?

  2. Are you suggesting Dead Ben is actually dead and was haunting the AGM?
    Well done Del for keeping it together enough to write all that nonsense down, and the honour and privilege is all mine, Lunchtime.

  3. Incredible work Del! Always amazes me how you manage to make sense of these meetings! Thanks again Alex. Had forgotten some of this stuff – so we did decide we were doing the logos??? awesome

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