TMGs AGM date set: Friday 1st November

hi all, just to confirm that the mighty greys AGM 2019 is set for Friday 1st November 2019 – this year kindly hosted by Ben’s workshop (if you don’t know where this is get in touch with Ben or I).

We will meet at 7, with the aim to begin proceedings at 7.30pm blunt.

We invite attendees to submit additional agenda items in advance of the meeting, but thus far the agenda is as follows:

  1. Present and apologies.
  2. Fixture list 2020.
  3. NETS
  4. Captain’s report.
  5. Vice captain’s report.
  6. Treasurer’s report
  7. Secretary’s report.
  8. Voting in committee members.
  9. Dinner! yum!…nothing arranged this year but this is where it will be if you want a break/snack.
  10. Awards for this year and Chairman’s report.
  11. Bowling award.
  12. Batting award.
  13. Brokeback mountain award.
  14. Norfolk Enchants (catching).
  15. Match report of the year
  16. Party Seven Moment of the year.
  17. Mighty Greysman of the year.
  18. Any other business, now known as ‘premium bondage’…
    1. over rates
    2. t20 sussex slam

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