AGM minutes 2019

AGM 2019 – Friday 1st November 2019 kindly hosted at Ben’s workshop

We met at 7, and began proceedings at 7.30pm.

Welcome to the 32nd annual general shout-a-thon!

agm 2019

0. Present and apologies

Apologies from Zack, Alan, Dave Day.

Present: Jerry arrives now!! Terry, Del, Biff, Ben, Chiefy, Dom, Wig, Alex, Duncan, Rob, EO, Rick, Trevor, Ricky, Roborbob – 16!

1. Let’s vote for a chairman – nominated are Ian and Terry, both accept noms, but Terry wins! The aye’s have it!

2. Fixture list 2020.

Alex proposed the fixture list for 2020. Over to Alex our ‘splendid, superb fixtures secretary’.

  • Horley
  • Hartfield
  • Jevington
  • Twineham
  • Warninglid
  • Upper beeding – concerns here about them getting a team out. Seems this will still be the bank holiday so could be problematic. Last year we played Scaynes Hill instead. General feeling is that we would prefer Upper Beeding….then there is the sausages!!! Yes to Upper beeding…and Ricky says yes to beer!!
  • Jevington again – it’s a yes!! Terry says that it’s a better place since we burnt their pavilion down.
  • Bodle street – but we need to re-consider the cider situation.
  • It seems there is a discussion to be had about options for the Saturday on tour.
  • Sheldon optimists can’t play us this year on the Sat – but they have said they would love to play us on the Sunday. The mood of the meeting is that the majority voted (7-5) in favour of Sheldon over Luppitt – but ultimately this comes down to whether this is possible and we leave this in Alex’s hands.
  • Brighton and hove crescent
  • Southwater – yes
  • Denton
  • Poynings or London Unity. We will aim for Poynings first, then if that falls through Unity.
  • Streat
  • Findon
  • WG gracefully
  • Southwick wanderers
  • Staplefield
  • Lindfield
  • Mayfield
  • Cutter’s choice
  • Lindfield
  • Possibly another – Alex will try to get another.

Also discussed 2020 against Poynings which we are happy to do – unless anything overrides this (e.g. Sussex 2020 thing).

  • We vote to try to make this happen – Duncan says he is happy to organise this and we nom him to be the skipper for this role, then we vote him into this role.

Round of applause for Alex!! Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job here!

3. Captain’s report

  • What a year!! the highs were frequent, the lows were luppitt….
  • Stats given but I’m not quick enough to type them
  • Robor finished with an average of ‘Jug’
  • Dom, super star all round
  • Special mention to Dunc the clunk with maiden 50!
  • Welcome to Dan and Matthew..and of course Trevor the resurgent!
  • So…to the future…more of the same! A repeat would be great!!
  • Ben hopes to share the batting around a bit.
  • In conclusion: we gave a good account of ourselves p24, w13, d7, l3

4. Vice captain’s report + NETS

  • Ben has captained a team with some high maintenance characters – Dom being one! Ben has done brilliantly, loads of people need managing and he deserves a medal – so we got him one!!

  • Point of order – brown nose of the year award!
  • Nets from 11th November, Mondays 8-9 at the county ground. Nowhere has availability Dom did lots of research here.This runs through until the start of the season.
  • Note for future, we want to try to vote on this in future prior to booking where possible.
  • A great season, an excellent team spirit, Alex’s wicket keeping, Jerry doubling average. Hatrick doubled his. Improved averages all round. We are improving as a team. Well done.

5. Treasurer’s report

  • Are we broke? No!
  • we have a profit of £60
  • Spend £2231, brought forward £186, £246 in the bank.
  • We spent very little on balls this year but we need to purchase some new ones because we’re out!
  • We don’t need to increase any fees, but £7.50 is a bit of a pain.
  • We vote: club policy is now that you need to be up to date with subs in order to be available.

6. Secretary’s report.

Thanks to Duncan, what a superstar! Sorry for being a bit out of the loop.

We agree to include aFlickr account to put on the website: Chiefy agrees to do this.

We need a better way of capturing scorebooks – vice captain should make sure scorer does it – we need good quality, bright images that include the whole page. The scorebook itself needs to be complete, including the match result (e.g. TMGs won by 7 wickets) and other stats (partnerships, names of catchers, overs, wickets, runs for bowlers etc).

7. Voting in committee members.

  • We need a committee member for taking the bladder out!
  • Fixtures secretary: Alex is nommed, and seconded – Alex wins unanimously!
  • Treasure: Robbie is nommed, seconded – Robbie wins unanimously!
  • Secretary: Del is nommed, seconded – Del wins unanimously!
  • Captain: Ben is nommed and seconded – Ben wins unanimously!
  • Vice Captain: Dom is nommed and seconded – Dom wins unanimously!
  • Stato: Rob is nommed and seconded – Rob wins unanimously! They are out of this world!!!!

8. T20 sussex slam – Dom briefs us on this  – midweek evening games (all need to be finished in 2.5 hours).

9. Dinner interlude! yum!…nothing arranged this year but this is where it will be if you want a break/snack.

10. Awards for this year and Chairman’s report.

  • Bowling award. The Ben Newland award!!! 33 wickets!! Joint 3rd in all time record!!156 overs, 28 mainde,s 697 runs, 33 wickets, avg 21.1, ececon 4.47, S/R 28.4, best 5/53! He’s learned to deal with left handers around the wicket!


  • Batting award. Robor wins with 16 matches, 15 innn, 2no, 112no best, avg 50.3 – JUG!!!

  • Brokeback mountain award (Rick agrees to make a trophy for this next year)
    • 1st Dom and Alan – Jevington – 185 runs!!
    • 2nd Rick and Biff – 171 Sheldon
    • 3rd Rick and Dom – 121 Bodle St
  • Norfolk Enchants (catching). Dom wins with 20 catches!!! Is that a record??

  • Match report of the year. We laminate/nominate:
    • Rick – Southwick – long – 5 votes
    • Rick – Sheldon optimists audio – 8 votes – WINS
    • Terry – whiskey nad oozo breakfast – staplefield
    • Terry – warninglid – bastarts
    • Terry – teachers reports – hartfield
    • Eo – findon –
    • Biff – poetry – horley
    • Alex – 2020 from scaynes hills

  • Party Seven Moment of the year
    • Wildcard: Robobs shot bring up is haiden century
    • Terry wins for hitting himself in the bollocks! Staplefied.

  • Mighty Greysman of the year.
    • Bif noms Duncan – has a great laugh, putting in loads of effort to develop his skills, he helps with the website, he’s still got beautiful hair. He wins!
    • Rob noms Rick for his batting, but also for being a fantasic understudy to collect fees.
    • Ben noms Dom  for nearly winning all the trophies.
    • Rick noms Ben for a great season
    • Dom noms Terry for only
    • Alex noms Jerry – he’s been a fantastic servant of the club

  • Terry’s 19 for 19. Zack got the prediction closest with 17 out of 19. He gets the Matalan catalogue.

11. Any other business, now known as ‘premium bondage’…

  • over rates – lots of discussion here – lets aim for a good spare ball (actually 2) ready each game – VC to sort this. We agree to make some efforts to jog between over and move quickly back to the bowlers mark.
  • Jugs: 15 batting to 3 bowling. Shall we rebalance this?
    • Alex proposes only 1st jug of the season or month.
    • EO proposes having various sized jugs.
    • We vote to make this a voluntary thing! It’s at your discretion.

4 responses to “AGM minutes 2019

  1. I’d like to nominate myself as committee member for taking the bladder out. I feel I have the necessary skills as my bladder has been taken out.

  2. ” over rates – lots of discussion here – lets aim for a good spare ball (actually 2) ready each game – VC to sort this. We agree to make some efforts to jog between over and move quickly back to the bowlers mark.”

    We really haven’t acted on this ………Hi Guy

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