TMGs vs Bodle St May 2009 by Richie Partridge

Bodley Street lack sting.

May 24th 2009 35 overs per team .Start about 2.30 ( Bodley Steet have their own time zone)

The biggest buzz of excitement for the enthusiastic and vocal crowd at a picturesque  Bodley Street Green came early in the game when Greys opener Jerry Brasher was forced along with the wicketkeeper and the entire slip field to adopt the Ashtanga Yoga “dying dog” position as a low flying swarm of bees crossed the wicket . Clearly influenced  by his early lie down Brasher was soon  doing his own “Flight of the Bumble Bee” in a suicidal  attempt at a second run – nothing to do with the hot weather or the large cider barrel waiting he assured us !

Another day and another Del Boy century , again undefeated and imperious. The Greys own pocket Aussie smacked 123 not out over the next 30 or so overs against a fairly limited Bodley attack. Minor contributions from Biff (  ) , Alex ( )who timed  a couple of decent fours and Dave Day who remained not out on … helped to support Del Boy as the Greys reached a healthy 232 -5 .

A novel cricket tea of Thai chicken curry and cider was enjoyed by the carnivores and the motley band of pseudo aristocratic supporters whilst a sad collection of hungry looking vegetarians had to make do with rice , cucumber salad and cake . It should be noted that the quality of the sponge cake ( made by Julia ) was absolutely top notch  –  even if the use of a chocolate spread in one of the sponges was considered to be a little unconventional by the author.

Bodley Street began slowly and never really seemed up to getting the runs despite having a number of decent cricketers in their side as well as a keen but increasingly inebriated support. It looked for a while like they were going to capitulate after early wickets from Dave Day and Robbie Hoare however  their ship was steadied with the help of some friendly bowling from young Greaves  who despite the “busmans holiday  “had clearly had too much curry and  cake . For the record the curry eventually eased his early constipated style, loosening up his action and allowing him to finish his spell with a degree of fluidity not seen so far this season. The game did dragon longer than expected with Bodley Street reaching only 68 off 25 overs  allowing Richie P to polish off the tail with 3 for 10 despite managing to bowl their last man and have no idea what had happened at all.

In short a wonderful afternoon of old fashioned Sunday Cricket where the spirit of the game itself was the winner  –  oh and so were the Mighty Greys !!



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