TMGs vs Cuckfield April 2011 by Ibrahim Azami

Match Report vs Cuckfield

On the 24th of April our team, The Mighty Greys played against the Cuckfield Team of East Sussex. When we arrived to the grounds, both captains decided to toss the coin to decide who will bat first or ball first, in which our captain, Biff won the toss to bat first.

Once the game had started, we began from a strong and competitive position after our batting performance although soon after this we started to lose wickets quickly and had failed to make a good partnership. Our opposition had displayed a high standard of their balling performance and managed to knock us out under 140 runs.

After our tea break we began our warm-ups, which was then when I had thrown the ball our wicket keeper Jerry in which had travelled to higher than what I had expected. Jerry had managed to slow down the speed of the ball but it had unfortunately slipped through his gloves to fly into the scoreboard room which then ricocheted off the head of one of the score keepers to the other sitting next to him but fortunately both remained unharmed, and we all shown strong apology which they accepted.

After this event we began to ball, and we were looking strong knock them out of this round in quick succession. Our senior bawler Dave Day managed to knock one of our opposition teams’ batsman, although their team managed to achieve a good partnership and so there for won the match.



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