TMGs vs Not MCC at Sidbury on Tour, June 2011 by Ibrahim Azami

On June 11th, my team ‘The Mighty Greys’ competed against the team named ‘Not The MCC’ from London in the local cricket grounds of Devon. In the beginning of the match, my team captain named Biff tossed the coin to decide which team will do the batting and who will take charge of the bowling. On this occasion Biff had lost the toss and so therefore this determined that our team will do the bowling. Once we had began bowling, we had soon discovered that our opposition were going to be very a competitive team to play against. We saw their strengths in the way they had started attacking from their powerful runs and the way that they had approached this match. Although the quality of their performance had become clear, this did not affect the spirit of our team and had subsequently led our Senior Bowler named Rob to knock out one of their wickets and therefore finishing the game for one of their players, and Rob also continued to achieve eight overs and four wickets. In the early moments of the second session of the match, Biff had decided to change the bowling and had chosen me, Ibrahim Azami and Ian, my fellow Bowler in the team named Ian to play for this part of the match. Once I had began Bowling, they had tried to put me under pressure by performing alot of runs against me, but they had soon discovered that the bowling I was doing was of a higher standard than what they had expected. After they had failed their attempts to pressure me, I had knocked out three of the wickets of their Senior Batsman. Before the tea break, the opposition had scored two-hundred and eight runs which was the target our expectation for the match. Once we had started batting after the tea break, the standard of our performance was not evenly matched with the the batting of the opposition which consequently cost us two wickets. After the loss of these wickets, our team were unable to make a strong partnership and so therefore led to us losing more wickets. Although the down turn of our performance were becoming clear, suddenly my Senior All-rounder Dave Day and Alan, my fellow batsman in the team made a highly strong partnership which led to us scoring up to two-hundred and two runs. Since the powerful arrival of this new partnership, it gave a high sence of potential but unfortunately by this time in the match we had run out of overs and therefore had lost this match.

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