TMGs vs Lindfield 14th July 2013 by Biffo Lino (again!)

Okay fellas if I’ve got to do this every week i’m keeping it short and not very sweet.

Another beautiful day and another nice ground but all Greysmen arrived in an unusually overwrought state due to the denouement of the first Ashes Test . The formalities were dispensed with during lunch at the Test with the Greys taking the field slightly before their more illustrious counterparts. The Greys won the toss and elected to bowl with the Skipper describing the pitch as Elm Grove (rock hard and sloping) and not fancying the likely state of the ball after what would be a maximum of 42 overs.

Robby struck before Jimmy in Nottingham but during the huddle the news came through on the Tranny gamely carried by Del ‘token’ Covill , “England have won!” . Raucous celebrations ensued followed by heartfelt commiserations to Del , the new batsman arrived and play was about to resume when 12th man Ricky brought us the joyous news “England have won!”

Robby’s perfect day continued with him picking up 3 wickets and DD none. Ibu got 2 including the Lindfield top scorer as he was approaching 50 and Io , Ben , Alan and Del bagged 1 each to leave the Greys needing 153 from 38 overs to win.

Only 19 were however required as Jerry and Biffs brisk start was turbocharged by a clearly hurting Del. Both Del and Jerry made 50s with Del’s also featuring his 5000th run in his 100th game ( everyone’s dream ).Del’s runs came in every direction , Jerry’s in one direction ( Dave’s dream ) .

Tragically Alex and  Kid Hadrill didn’t get a bat or a bowl due to this but they both contributed greatly to the day with the Kid dropping a catch and Alex making an off colour remark.

With the Greys possibly suffering milestone fatigue Biff got PSM for taking a fantastic catch and hurting his hand.


And here’s the match report written from Lindfield’s side of the fence…

tmgs-vs-lindfield-2013-tmgs-batting-secondLindfield-15-7-13-tmgs-bowling-firstDownload the Averages14-7-2013 .

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