TMGs vs Denton (the pride) 7th July 2013 by Biffo Lino

Well chaps as we all know the literary standard of Greys match reports has risen to such a level that it is apparently being studied for a Creative Writing degree course. It therefore falls to me to take one for the team and do a shit one to take the pressure off .

With three Senior Greysmen missing, two debutants were drafted in thanks to Alex and Tel and they both contributed greatly to a smashing day in the sun. Robert top scored with 39 including some terrific lofted drives and took the first catch of the day well.Rob fielded magnificently including an heroic dive which tragically fell only four or five yards short of the ball ,put his body on the line for the club and was an extra ray of sunshine all day. They both joined in with the Greys craic and were a pleasure to play with.

The Greys opened with Robby off 2 paces and Ricky off 12 , 17 ,9, 4 or 7 and a half and Denton hit the bad balls and made a good start. Ibu bowled beautifully picking up 2 wickets and slowing the flow of runs with Io picking up 3 expensive wickets and Biff a couple of cheap ones and Alan doubling his last spell and bowling well including a terrific bouncer. Some good catching from Robert , Rob ,Terry and Alex was countered by a few flashing wide of slip ,some spilled chances and a dolly which Biff and Ricky managed to not get anywhere near.PSM was awarded for the following exchange:

  • Skipper ;’ go to fly slip please Rob , he’s a big lad and if he edges it’ll go long’
  • Top Scoring Batsman ; (to Alex)’ i’ve been in ages as if i’ll edge it’
  • Edges to fly slip

In fairness he’d already done the damage but its nice when it goes your way like that.

With the aforementioned exception the Greys batting was not good enough to chase 194 (though the Kid looked on great form before falling to good ‘un) and with nearly a hundred needed and one wicket left Ibrahim and Rob shut up shop. They then defied everything that was thrown at them and pulled off a truly magnificent 14 over stand to draw the game for the Greys .Legendary stuff.

The game was played in a great spirt with only one opponent refusing to speak to us afterwards so things are looking up!

Denton-07-07-13_tmgs-bowlingfirst Denton-07-07-13_tmgs-batting-second Averages2013-7th-july

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