Some updated details before the AGM…

captain_crackWell the 2013 AGM is just around the corner (literally for me, I live on the next street!) so I’ve updated the stats page on the website to include the main stats for batting, bowling and catching in 2013 and the main career stats are up to date too!

I’m still waiting for updated details of partnerships and the honours board from our multiple statisticians (yes we have two of them!).

The party seven moment (PSM) page also has all the PSM winners for 2013, so refresh your memory on what happened throughout the year and get ready to vote.giddeeee-up

Similarly, the “fixtures for 2013” page has all the results for all matches.greysman_of_the_year2

I’ve also been sent through some surprisingly coherent financial statements from our rusty treasurer, but I won’t spoil his chance to confuse us over the details so I’ll leave him to present them at the AGM.

A reminder, the AGM is at the skipper’s gleaming solabear house in Brighton (contact he or me for directions if you need em). It’s this Friday 1st November 2013 and it STARTS AT 7PM…spread the word!

I will be doing up to dark star to get some real ales in for those who are that way inclined and the skipper will be spearheading some food for us too; no doubt it will end up being some peanut butter smeared on some playing cards because that’s the staple diet of a vegetarian, but we won’t complain (EO can you bring your infamous pocket pork scratchings?).

A reminder to those lucky buggers who won trophies last year (Jez, Robbie, DD, Dead-Ben) to bring the trophies, and to Richie to write the final bloody match report! prosthetic

I’ve included a few beauties from AGMs gone by to whet your apetites…I’m looking forward to it already!the-sex-don

Over for now…Delberto.


9 responses to “Some updated details before the AGM…

  1. “A reminder to those lucky buggers who won trophies last year (Jez, Robbie, DD, Dead-Ben) to bring the trophies”… any idea who won PSM of the Season last year Delboy?

    • Why it was the double dee day of course! He was presented with the “greys are great” trophy at horsdean earlier this year….

      • That was for Greysman of the Season, so I’ll ask again, dear archivist of the club’s well crucial facts – who won PSM of the season in 2012?

      • Not only have I been guardian of the club’s most coveted trophy for a year, but EO whipped off his undercrackers at the AGM and insisted I put them on for the photo shoot, at the same time ensuring my status as Grey’s fashion icon for all eternity.

  2. Hi Del Doy
    Just doing some stats for friday and a bit confused over dates of the games played in July ?
    I havent got the book so doing everything from the site.
    Hopefully see you friday.

    • Are you coming? It will be great to see you there!

      Yes there were some issues with dates, I’ve asked Robbie to sort these in the past, (it’s all Robbie’s fault naturally) but if they don’t match up with the fixtures card then I’m guessing Robbie hasn’t sorted this, bloody Robbie. I will contact him to sort this and will update the site when he sends it through. Sorry mate! Hope you’re well! Delberto

      • I will hopefully get along about 8.30.
        Thanks for all the work you and Robbie have done with the stats, I will check the score books online for each date, no worries.

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