Nets are back! starting Thursday 7th November 2013, 6.25-7.25pm

Oh yes! the old one-two, AGM then BOOM! nets follow up! A reminder that nets start THIS WEEK back at Plumpton, naturally and they are still only a £5er. Very excited about the beer in the white horse, to see what barmaids are on show this year, and to hear how hungover everyone else was after the AGM….me thinks everyone struggled for a few days afterwards, or at least me hopes so, because I know I did!

Nets run until 17th April 2014, but there are NO NETS ON 19th and 26th December, so that means yes, we are netting on 2nd Jan!

See yall there!


3 responses to “Nets are back! starting Thursday 7th November 2013, 6.25-7.25pm

  1. some cracking newcomers last night, Ian and Guy (no not the old Ian and the old Guy, but they were there too), everyone back to the constant which smelled of a certain periodic occurrence, then Ian (the new one) came out with a cracking quote of the night when asking if he knew about our club: “‘An elderly man dancing around the pub in his cricket jumper has caught my eye in the past”…clearly this guy IS the sports journalist!

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