Possible tour party house for 2014

Our man has done it again, Alex (you star!) has found another great tour party venue for 2014. Check it out at:



While there are some that will clearly find issues with this (don’t they always?), we don’t want to faff too long, so we’re putting on a proviso. If anyone has issue with this option, then you need to put yourself up for some scrutiny and propose an alternative (and post the link as a comment to this post) with a justification on why it’s better than this wonderful place….and you need to do this by 12noon Thursday 5th December 2013 (for us to discuss at nets that night). If you don’t do this, you’re not entitled to gripe when we book this place :0) Very much looking forward to it already (the tour, not the griping)… Delberto

11 responses to “Possible tour party house for 2014

  1. bit more info, its 9 miles from Luppitt and 14 from Sidbury. The pool table will work for table tennis, but not sure if its full size and there may be an issue of head room. Only other draw back is only 3 bedrooms, but the main living area is huge and its only £750 for the 3 nights. Otherwise, theres J33 in Helpful Holidays, the one by the canal we looked at last year but was booked. That £200 more expensive though.

  2. They are also happy for us to bring our own table. The pool table is 7ft long and the cover for it is slightly bigger. Don’t know how big a TT table is….There’s a pub half a mile away. Can you tell I like it?

  3. Wow, don’t how to cope with the flood of feeback, guys. On closer inspection the sleeping arrangements are not ideal, as I’ve realised 4 of us would be on sofa beds in the lounge area. Below are the ref numbers for other places I’ve found, all on Holiday Lettings. Some have TT, some a bit pricey, some a bit far away (none as far as this year though). Don’t think any as cheap, as near to the matches or with such a good party area. We could always bring bedding/use sofa cushions and use the mezzanines. So down to TT and sleeping, and I still like it. Apart from not being fussed about TT, I don’t like the fact that it splits up the group, as TT is always in a separate building. 51198 99385 158152 212900 278428 294413 294448 360168 506534 529618 222283

    • Yes, I think it’s just you me and Jerry who visit this site, and occasionally Terry, the rest don’t know how to use a computer. I will go round to their houses and drop a leaflet in the letterbox…actually, Jerry can you do that for us?

  4. Im cool about it. I like the gym,really believe it will benifits us all. Can imagine the greys exercise bike race around the swimming pool at 3am. Very benificial!

  5. The last of those ref numbers is probably the best alternative. It’s even closer, has 5 bedrooms (sleeps 9 but also has two lounges and and reasonably looking sized kitchen diner), and TT/snooker or pool. I’ve just enquired if they will take a weekend booking, otherwise it’s probably £1000 for the week.

  6. Or the two in contention the second has more bedrooms but less party space so l would err for the first, as Alex mentioned a couple of blow up beds etc in the gym area (if we can pull Terry off -ohh er – the exercise bikes) and we are sorted.plenty of room, big telly for the world cup and a pool we share with the family, what could go wrong!

  7. I’m saying go for 222283 Higher Holcombe Farm. Only downside is no exercise room, so no chance off getting pulled off in there. I can always find somewhere else, I’m sure. Otherwise seems to meet the criteria – and may cost as little as £300. And if we like it, we can come back later in the year for Tar Barrels.

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