TMGs Tour Party Playlist Requests by Quiet Ben Newland

It’s that time of year again when we line our stomachs and boost our alcohol tolerance levels with some serious real ale training. The tour is only 3 weeks away, and while final preparations being made to purify the pool water, finely groom the snooker table felt, and re-rubber the table tennis bats -there is something we can do at our end to get ready for the big event. Quiet Ben has kindly put together a Tour Party Playlist on Spotify, so mighty greysmen can now add their favourite dance tracks to the list to be played when we arrive! Bear in mind it’s Del’s birthday on the Friday night when we arrive, so feel free to add in your favourite DJ shadow remix of Rolf Harris’s “tie me down like a kangaroo sport”. Here’s the link:


5 responses to “TMGs Tour Party Playlist Requests by Quiet Ben Newland

  1. Great idea Ben! I’ve dived in already. On a different subject where the fuck is wigs match report? Bus man’s hoilday?

  2. Obviously being very stupid, but how do you add tracks to the playlist? Want to add “Can you tell what it is yet?” (hand up your skirt mix) and “I’ve been everywhere” by Rolf. Although clearly he hasn’t been anywhere that he’s accused of sexual assaults.

  3. If any of you are still struggling, follow the playlist, then search for the song you want. When you find it, right right click>add to…>mighty greys. As of Thursday afternoon we have 7 and 1/2 hours of music.

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