“He Had To Go #1” – A review of an OK-ish sort of season 1989

Here is the first ever Mighty Greys fanzine – “He Had To Go – A review of an OK-ish sort of season”, published way back in 1989 by the early forefathers of the club. A special thanks David “Smudge” Smith for digging the old papyrus versions out, blowing off the cobwebs, donning the cotton gloves and scanning them in to bring them into the 21st century. The fanzine can be viewed by clicking on an image below to then click through the pages, or you can download the full PDF (higher resolution) from the link below.

For a full PDF version of this first edition of He Had To Go click here

2 responses to ““He Had To Go #1” – A review of an OK-ish sort of season 1989

  1. This is truly a historic document and it’s great that it’s seen the light of day again. To give credit where it’s due, it was Steve Haines who unearthed this and scanned it in. Read all about him in the Birth of the Greys article!

  2. There really have been some very witty people playing for the Greys over the years. If only one or two of them had bothered to put pen to paper, we would have had a literary legacy to be proud of. Oh well.

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