Gr-AGM venue change!

We’re only a week away, it’s time to start putting away those pints to get the tolerance levels up. There’s been a venue change to the AGM this year, it’s now to be held at Alex’s place – yep the one down the hill in the posh area between Hanover and London Rd.

Note though, that there WILL BE NO FOOD PROVIDED, so eat (lots) before you come.

It’s still a 7:30pm start, and it is Friday 17th October, 2014 – see the previous post for the agenda.

If you need directions, just get in touch. See you there!


7 responses to “Gr-AGM venue change!

  1. very excited about tonight, and I really hope chuba greaves, guybo, jonny wofo and many others can make it! I’m even gonna try to skype the fallen treasurer during the voting for PSMOTY and GOTY so he can vote for himself.

  2. nar, beer no good there. Just turn up at his house earlier to get stuck into the Harveys! I’ll aim for 7ish…might help to bring a pint glass…

  3. Great night last night greys. And thanks for the support fellas it much appreciated. Even though it might have been chemically enhanced!!!!
    And well done to all winners but as well all know we are all winners xx

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