Gr-AGM 2014 is at Ian’s house on Friday 17th October 2014 at 7.30pm

It’s that time of year again, and this year’s AGM will be held at Ian’s house in lofty Hanover (that’s former disgraced Treasurer Ian -not the new golden boy hopalong Ian). It should be noted that Ian only hosted the AGM a few years ago, so we’re all super grateful that he’s backed up so quickly for the team (but no – that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten all that missing money, and yes – I’m sorry I vomited at your place last time).

It’s worth giggling your way through last year’s semi-legible minutes – found here.

Dinner will be provided (a whole £200 worth? – prawns?) and there will be some beer thanks to Jerry or Ian (I can’t remember which) and it will start at 7.30pm sharp. The Shadow (our guru of moral compost “chairman”) will kick off proceedings pronto, so make sure you’re there on time (or meet most of us in the constant beforehand!).

Note: should mitigating circumstances arise where Ian can’t host the event (as discussed in the pub – we’re totally cool with that), Alex will take over the reigns hosting the event at his place (just a little shimmy down the hill near the level). If this is the case I will make an announcement at least one day before hand so make sure you check out the website the day before the AGM – or just text/email me to check.

For any further details (e.g. address or host’s contact details) just get in touch with me.

note: official decisions from 2013.

  1. We use Newbery test balls
  2. EO to investigate a REAL club bank account
  3. The hat of shame needs to be worn if a match report is not submitted before the next match (ideally by Wednesday after the game). The hat must be worn in the field continuously until the report comes in. In that case we might want to get one specifically for Alan to wear most of the season.
  4. Rob is voted official stato.
  5. voting in committee members should happen before the Awards.
  6. Tel if offical club officiado or chairman. Official role “ceremonial guru to the moral compost of the team”.
  7. Del agrees to take two fielding masterclasses in the car park before the season starts….eek!

A tentative agenda for this year is included below:

TMGs AGM 2014 at Ian’s house

  1. Dinner! yum!
  2. Present and apologies.
  3. Fixture list 2015.
  4. Reflection on this year: A Skipper’s perspective.
  5. Vice captain’s report.
  6. Refraction on this year: A Treasurer’s attempt to bend the truth.
  7. Reclassification: Scum tells all.
  8. Voting in committee members (changed as suggested from above).
  9. Awards for this year:
  10. Bowling award.
  11. Batting award.
  12. Brokeback mountain award.
  13. Norfolk Enchants (catching).
  14. Party Seven Moment of the year.
  15. Mighty Greysman of the year.
  16. Any other business/nonsense.

6 responses to “Gr-AGM 2014 is at Ian’s house on Friday 17th October 2014 at 7.30pm

  1. Good stuff Delbert. Thought we’d abandoned food at GRAGM’s though. I won’t being doing food if it ends up at mine, chaps.

  2. Having immersed myself in the KP revelations I as TMG’s premier wicketkeeper/ batsman would now like to be known as “the big cheese” (but will accept “the small dairylee “) .

  3. Are you stilton this subject? You’re gouda than anyone else Jerry. I camembert it any longer! Fuck it i dont give an edam!

  4. This is starting to grate on me. I’m really feta up with it. Think caerphilly before you add any more.

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