GreyGM 2014 at Alex’s place – minutes, images, actions and decisions.

TMGs AGM 2014 at Ian’s Alex’s house 17th October 2014.

  1. Dinner! yum!  NO DINNER>
  2. Present and apologies.

Present: Del, Riki, Dave Day, Biff doggy biff, Chiefy, Dave Hadrill, Ian – nice Ian, Hatrick, Quiet Ben, Terry, Jerry, Rob, Alex (of course) – 13 as always!

Apologies: EO (is up north), Guy, Rob cabbie, Richie P for having something to do tomorrow (??)

Possibly later: Johnny Wofo, Chuba Greaves.

  1. Fixture list 2015 – Alex
26/04/2015 Hartfield
03/05/2015 Warninglid
10/05/2015 Twineham
17/05/2015 Cutter’s choice (no tea provided, like a home fixture)
24/05/2015 Wivelsfield Green
31/05/2015 Forest Row
07/06/2015 Brunswick Village (home)
13/06/2015 Sidbury – tour
14/06/2015 Luppitt – tour
21/06/2015 BH Crescent
28/06/2015 TBA (Ansty)
05/07/2015 Denton
12/07/2015 Lindfield
19/07/2015 Streat
26/07/2015 Ansty
02/08/2015 WG Gracefully
09/08/2015 Selmeston
16/08/2015 Warninglid
23/08/2015 Staplefield
30/08/2015 Hammerwood
06/09/2015 Poynings
13/09/2015 Arundel (charming people)
20/09/2015 Balcombe

23 fixtures, it seems we only have 1 game at home (Brunswick V).

I realise I’ve been doing fixtures for 10 years now, congratulations Alex!!

That’s it done!


  1. Reflection on this year: A Skipper’s perspective – Biff

Thanks the officers of the club throughout the season! In particular Ian for his long service to the club!

Also like to point out that Alex was ever present. Very important for a skipper. Biff only missed 1, Alan only missed 2 (tour). Great effort.

A season of 2 halves. Second half, we lost 9 out of 10. Unprecedented. We played against good oppo, we were missing some marquee players. Unfortunately, we were beaten by a few teams who were not trying their hardest. Happy to fall on sword if asked. Great weather all year. Opponents were good mostly, very few we fell out with. There were a few cases were we thwarted their efforts to engineer the match by capitulating dramatically. A massive plus was how many people made a contribution. There were people all over the place popping up making a great contribution. There were 2 new players, Hatrick and Wig, they’ve been abfab, turning up when not playing, really true greysmen. Overall, we enjoyed it, and had a very enjoyable season.


  1. Vice captain’s report – Dave Day

Normally nets would be arranged by now, but a spanner in the works could be Downlands school. But doesn’t seem to be happening (but we might reconsider next year), so Dave will try to make it same deal as last year (6.30-7.30 Thursdays if possible, will aim for first Thursday in November, 6th?). Thanks DD!! Terry says: “dave that was charming!”.


  1. Refraction on this year: A Treasurer’s attempt to bend the truth – Rob

A big thanks to Ian for his contributions over the years as treasurer (seriously). First cutback from Rob, we need to share the paperwork, he didn’t print out enough. We have £783 (possibly £993) to the club! Robbie has a bank account and mooted the idea of premium bonds. 1 week turnaround to cash in the bonds. To be discussed in AOB…

We have a very round the houses style conversation about tour houses, and prices, which tend to vary £750 and £1500 and we debate how long it takes to get to the games.

We identified a budget of £1500 (ceiling) for the house.


  1. Reclassification: Scum tells all – Del

Website over 20k hits. We now don’t have ads and pay about £80 per year for this (Del needs paying for this). We’ve got followers from all over the globe. World’s best pub cricket website for the world’s best pub cricket team – we are an institution. Del and Rob agree to discuss possibly ways to improve presentation of stats and other features on the website.


  1. Statos report (retrospectively done) – Rob

There was talk about what font was used and Ricky made a joke about this. We had 27 people playing for the club this year! Rob felt that this year, the openers were great, but the middle order really pushed their runs up, Alex, Tel, Guy, great stuff. Biff moans that he has runs missing. Jerry got 6000 runs for the club!! Terry got 300 games! Dave got 200 games! Dave needs 3 wickets to get 300 wickets.


Chiefy’s stats need reviewing (action RH).

  1. Voting in committee members (changed as suggested from above).

At this point, Ben left the room, not sure why.

Captain –Biff nominated. Kevin Petersen was nominated too. Biff wins unanimously.

Vice Captain – DD, Alex, both nominated, but Alex declined the nom. DD wins unanimously.

Treasurer – Ian and Rob are nominated. Rob

Noted, a big thanks to Rob for stepping in. The fact we now have BACS transfers is amazing.

Secretary – Delbert nominated and voted in unanimously.

Noted from Dave Day, short skirt long hair and glasses needed.

Fixtues secretary – Alex nominated and voted in unanimously.

Chairman of the club – Terry nominated and voted in unanimously.

Club stato – Rob nominated and voted unanimously.

10. Awards for this year:

Note: for the first time ever, trophies are marked up beforehand! Big thanks to Telbert for this.

  • Bowling award – For the third year in a row – Robbie Hoare!!!


  • Batting award – For the second year in a row – Delbert!


  • Brokeback mountain awardJerry and Del – 212 at Wivelsfield (first time we ever went over 300 – within 12 of the highest partnership ever.


  • Norfolk Enchants (catching)Del wins with 12 catches – Ricky finds a new octave.


  • Party Seven Moment of the year – Dave takes us through all the reports very nicely.

Wild cards:

  • Ben’s tumbleweed. He then proceeds to demonstrate what his impression entailed (see video).
  • Horse is nominated for its brief encounter in the pub.
  • Dave throwing up at sidbury.

Head to head for Terry’s mooob catch and Ben’s tumbleweed.

Terry’s catch – 8 votes! It wins!!!


Ben’s tumbleweed – what’s left – tumbleweed then rolls past.

11. Mighty Greysman of the year.

Terry nominates Biffo for his outstanding efforts to skipper the side this year. Many people second this.

Del nominates Alex for his stirling job with the fixtures again.

Ben and Biff nominate Rob for his bowling and for stepping in as treasurer.

Dave Hadrill nominates Del for his cricket play and the website.

Dave Day nominates Alan for such great improvement in cricket and for lots of other things.

Biffo wins – almost unanimously!


12. Any other business/nonsense.

Chiefy – how much I enjoyed the tour!!

Ricky – message from Ian, very heart felt, but he says “tell those cunts I love them”. All acknowledge that Ian writes truly brilliant match reports!!

Dave – Do we need to have a match report of the season? We vote this award in. Key point it needs to be recognised.

Wig – many thanks, feel very welcome in the club!

Rick – “from the bottom of my heart, this cricket team has made me at least 40% happier in my life”.

Rob – premium bonds? We vote for no premium bonds, after an hour long, very divisive debate about where the money would go.

13. To note: official decisions and actions from 2014.

  1. Rob to check Chiefy’s superfluous bowling stats (64 off 3 overs? – surely it must be more!)
  2. Robbie to pay Del for website (£79 per year, due each July).
  3. Decision: NO PREMIUM BONDS!
  4. Del and Rob agree to discuss possibly ways to improve presentation of stats and other features on the website.
  5. Budget of £1500 (ceiling) for the tour house. Alex to scope and present options in nets as usual.
  6. Match report of the year is voted in as a new award for 2015. Terry to sort a trophy?

And here’s all the pics from the night…

3 responses to “GreyGM 2014 at Alex’s place – minutes, images, actions and decisions.

  1. Great stuff Delboy. ”
    Did it really go on till 4.30am, Dad?”
    “Yes son”.
    “Was Ricky the last to leave?”
    “No, he left early with one of your girlfriends.”
    And big shout out to Hatrick, who is expecting two new Greysmen in the next 7-8 months. Not sure if he mentioned it on the night.

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