Gr-AGM 2015 date is set: FRIDAY 13th November – 7:30pm at EOs house!

hey hey!

Ian – having been handed the feel-good philanthophy mantle from Alex – has decided to re-host the Gr-AGM again this year after an absence of only 3 years….such a good man…a nauseating man yes, but a good man all the same!

The big event will happen at 7:30pm on FRIDAY 13th November, 2015. Yes that’s FRIDAY 13th, so even Ricky will remember that one.

Here’s a preliminary agenda:

  1. 6:30pm: Pre-event pint in Constant to watch some world cup group stage reruns (I had to say something! but promise that’s it!)
  2. 7:30pm Dinner at EOs? – TBA
  3. Present and apologies.
  4. Fixture list 2016.
  5. Reflection on this year: A Skipper’s perspective.
  6. Vice captain’s report.
  7. Refraction on this year: A Treasurer’s attempt to bend the truth.
  8. Reclassification: Scum (secretary) tells all.
  9. Voting in committee members.
  10. Awards for this year:
  • Bowling award.
  • Batting award.
  • Brokeback mountain award.
  • Norfolk Enchants (catching).
  • Match report of the year (new!).
  • Party Seven Moment of the year.
  • Mighty Greysman of the year.
  • Any other business/nonsense.

13 responses to “Gr-AGM 2015 date is set: FRIDAY 13th November – 7:30pm at EOs house!

  1. That’s fine with me, but I think Biff was thinking of an earlier date, 23rd Oct. Also, I should mention, and if you weren’t at the final game of the season you may not know this, Biff has stepped down from the captaincy, so that’s going to be a fairly significant item on the agenda. Think we may need a new captain of vice as well.
    Looking forward to a Wallabies v All Black final. I’m now Scottish.

  2. This is on last year’s minutes:
    “Dave – Do we need to have a match report of the season? We vote this award in. Key point it needs to be recognised.”

    So this should be added to the agenda.

    Needless to say, I already have my nomination.

  3. wowsers, you actually read the minutes? very impressive! I’ve added it to ‘genda. Do we actually need a trophy for this too?

  4. We have 2 polypins at the workshop, one of good ale and one of good cider, that need drinking at my workshop. would anyone like to help make a dent in them over a couple of games of table tennis? Tomorrow (1st Nov), 4pm onwards, Rodhus BN2 4AA

  5. I’m getting excited about the Thursday/Friday double already. Has anyone actually seen Ian in the country though? I’ve not heard back from him and want to know: a) if he’s not in the country yet where he keeps his spare key, b) if he’ll sort beer (if not we have a backup), and c) if he’ll be cooking us a scrumptious dinner to eat during the evening’s festivities (in which case I’ll happily help cook)…

    • E/IO has been in touch with me to ask if I will provide sound (The answer was affirmative), so he has at least remembered that it is happening. I say we batter door down to gain entry whether he is there or not.

      • Touch down!! Ian is getting 2 polygons of beer from darkstar! And he’s putting on a small amount of curry with a large amount of rice for everybody to eat so don’t eat before you cum!!

  6. Apologies for tonight…can’t make it as I’m on duty watching Ireland’s euro 2016 dream slip away. Have fun.

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