Spontaneous pre-AGM net tomorrow 7-8pm at BACA in Falmer!

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, there will be a spontaneous net tomorrow  at the Brighton Alridge Community Academy (BACA – next to Falmer) from 7-8pm.

This will be a chance for us to test it out there: to see what the nets are like, to see what it’s like to not drink in the White Horse, to see what it’s like to not have to negotiate an icy beacon on the way home. We will discuss the netting options (Plimpton vs BACA and timings) in the pub aftwards, should be fun, come along!

To see a map and for more info, visit their website at:


See you there!


3 responses to “Spontaneous pre-AGM net tomorrow 7-8pm at BACA in Falmer!

  1. ah yes, and I should have said thanks heaps to quiet Benny for all his efforts with arranging and giving us the options with the nets…and for his efforts with the logos, and Terry’s efforts on the logo front too…

  2. And of course our club name change to “the mighty flying catching smoking drinking spaced out pine martens”. Snappy and will look great on opposition fixture lists. DFWTMCSDSOPM!

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