AGM 2016 minutes Sat 29/10/16 at Richie P’s house

Saturday 29th October 2016 at Richie Partridge’s house, 7pm meeting in pub for 7.30pm start.

1. Present and apologies.

Present: Del, Tel, Chiefy, Rob, Alan, Dom, Zac, Evil Ben, Quiet Ben, EO, Jerry, Alex, Biff, Richie P

Hello and welcome to the 29th Mighty Greys Annual General Meeting! note: pictures to follow…

Apologies from Dave Day he’s in Berlin, the Kid is in Devon, Hatrick is on a stag do. Anyone want to apologise for Riki? Nice Ian sends his apologies for working like a dog this weekend.

Thanks to to Richard and Bronnie for hosting us, what a great place, and what fantastic hosts they have been so far!

And thanks to Delbert for all the admin behind the scenes to make this happen (no that really was said by someone else – honest guv).

2. Fixture list 2017.TMGs-AGM2017-alexben

Everything moves forward by 6 days every once in a while. Maybe even every 7 years. I guess that it’s happening this year!

  1. Hartfield
  2. Coleman’s hatch
  3. Twineham
  4. Cutter’s choice – there was some debate about this (it’s that east brighton bloody park ), it’s cursed with injuries! Happy to play them, but don’t want to play at east brighton (but will if we have to – we leave it in Alex’s hands)
  5. Bramber and Beeding (and try to rearrange Findon somewhere else)
  6. Buxted park
  7. Brunswick village. Biff: “I don’t want to play them, they’ve cheated the last 3 years, this if fucking ridiculous”. But, we should give them another chance, we vote on this and it is decided we keep them. Ian: “I’ve been waiting to say my piece”, team: ok well what’s your point?” Ian: “I can’t remember”. We note though that this is the last warning with regards to “cheating” (bad decisions)
  8. Sidbury
  9. Luppitt
  10. BH crescent
  11. Bodle St? We move to vote then: Ian, “I’m trying to lower the level”, we then vote to keep bodle st
  12. Denton
  13. Lindfield
  14. Streat
  15. Ansty – away
  16. WG Gracefully
  17. Southwick wanderers
  18. Warninglid
  19. Staplefield
  20. Perhaps aim for a better team if possible, but will keep Hammerwood if needed. Ian said “pertained”. Terry recognises Alan. We vote to  drop hammerwood. We will leave it in Alex’s hands to find an alternative
  21. Arundel
  22. Balcombe
  23. Angmering – the man behind the stumps was Phil Mitchell (one L or two?). We didn’t enjoy this. Even Terry did want to punch him. The ground wasn’t great. Even still we vote to keep Angmering.

Big thanks to Al for all his efforts!!!



3. Captain’s report.­TMGs-AGM2017-biff1

Massive thank you to all the officers of the club. Alex has done an awesome job, Del, Terry par excellence, Robbie has got the finances humming. And Ben has done a fantastic job as VC.

We needed to do better, and we really did! It was such a massive effot. The bowling was obviously led by ben with 45 amazing wickets, so fantastic! Everyone chipped in, that was one of the great things of this season that everyone made a good contribution. Batting: everyone seemed to chip in. We all celebrate the new wave!!

We won 11 games, lost 6, drew 4 (most of which were winning draws), 2 rained off, 1 cancelled.

Alex, has made such a great effort on the fixtures, but on his attendance: if it wasn’t for illness,  he would have played 3 whole years without missing a game, amazing. And Terry was ever presence throughout the season, Biff and Ben only missed a couple , Alan only about 3 , Ibu only 3, great effort boys!

It was really easy to manage this year with so many on board.

Aoologies to Pete and Jarrod this year, but things went so well it was tough.

We had a few instances: bails, 30 yards from Ian!  30 yards!! There have been 1 or 2 occasions of 22 yards, but 30 yards!! The next bail incident was the flashing bails in the rikidiculous match!. The big one this year was when Alan smashed through the stumps, sent the stumps cartwheeling but the pail went straight up in the air and the bail went straight into the hole.

Thanks to Richie and Bronnie for their amazing hospitality! And so many people contributed this year and for this night, all so impressive!!

An absolutely brilliant season, really enjoyed it.

Riki says hello!! He’s here!


4. Vice captain’s report.TMGs-AGM2017-ben1

Hello and welcome everyone! Perhaps the most enjoyable season of cricket I’ve ever played!!! Batting and bowling everyone’s performed well, not a single player averaged less than 10, and with the ball, superb! Ian bettered my strikerate, economy, and average…and bail distance….just think what he would achieve if he didn’t have extra curricular activities going on!


5. Treasurer’s report

everyone: “Are we broke or what?”TMGs-AGM2017-robbie


We are into the 2s!

There’s not much to report, we have £544 in the bank. There are no accruals against this. We made a loss, but all the money from nets went on tour!

It’s not all about profit and loss.

Ian: “you asked for my opinion”, Ian: “I like the way you lay out the numbers on the page.”

We vote to not to pay for the beer for tonight out of the club funds.

then we have a yummy dinner, with more potatoes that Ricky has ever eaten in his life.

6. Secretary’s report.TMGs-AGM2017-2

We all thank Richie and bronnie for an amazing dinner!

Nearly 40,000 hits on the website. We are the club with the best website in the world…definately! although this is clearly our biased opinion.

Alex: “we get a load of really complementary comments on the website!!”

Dom asks: “should we have a twitter account?”

We vote: use the website more, no twitter, but watsapp group for anyone who’s interested.

7. Voting in committee members.


noms for chair: eo, and terry. EO refuses to accept the monimation .

Terry wins unaminsously

Captain: noms: biff, ben (both seconded).

Ian wants a campaign for the candidates!

Note: rob stumbles for the first time. It’s ruckus here.

Terry has to call order.

Biff and Ben  say a little piece each. Then we vote: Biff wins with 6 to 5!!! oooh!

VC: ben nominated, jerry nominated but doesn’t go forward. Ben wins unanimously.

Treasurer: Rob is nomed and seconded. Ian is nomed, but not up for it. Robbie wins unanimously.

Fixtures secretary: Alex wins uniamiously.

Club secretary: Del is nomed and seconded. Del wins unanimously.

8. Dinner! yum! Aim for 8.15pm – no this happened at 8.40(after item 5 – Treasurer’s report)

9. Awards for this year and Chairman’s report.

Chairman’s report: 16 targets, only 7 met. We beat twineham in grand style!!!

Bowling award.

For the 2nd year in a row, Ben wins!! 70 wickts in 2 season!! amazing!!! The Oscar music comes on.


Batting award.

Biff smashed it with 637 runs!!! 1 run less than when he won it in 2003.


Brokeback mountain award.

Jerry and Biff!

That injection of youth obviously benefited the team!!


Norfolk Enchants (catching).

Alex wins! But he suggested that wicket keepers have a real advantage…


Party Seven Moment of the year.

we do this before match report of the year, it makes sense for us to do this first.

alex and terry: “like butting stags!!” (Dom), “it was a moment in sound” (Ben).

Wildcard: Dom: “Terry at ansty, his 24th dot ball in a row to save the game!!!! The psychological fortress.”

Terry noms: “Ian trying to leave the reservoir last Thursday.. this way , not, that way, no!”

Ben: Brings up an official wildcad moment list:

  • Eo 30 yard bail record at ansty
  • Eo c and b at cutters choice
  • Ben broke a bail at bunswick village
  • Jery low diving catch at staplefield
  • Terry’s 24 dots in a row to save the match (note: “he made 41, not zero, and steadied the innings” according to him)

We go through all the options, then we vote on a shortlist of 3:

  • Dom twineham –9 out of 14…WINS!!! outstanding… a memorable moment for the wholte team!!
  • Alan – cartwheeled stump and dopping bail – 4
  • I can’t remember what the third was…


Match report of the year

New trophy!! thanks Zac…great effort!!!

Noms (votes included as we ran through them):

  • Bens sidbury – 9…what a winner!!!
  • Ians top tips
  • Ians franglais wg gracefully
  • Doms guy Richie – arundel
  • Doms luppit report – pine martin
  • Rikis rikidiculous from balcombe
  • Alex and terries cross word
  • Alex prince quotations – colemans hatch


Terry suggests we nominate:

Mighty Greysman of the year

noms (again votes included)

  • QB nomed -3
  • Zac nomed – 0
  • Rob nomed – 1
  • Biff nomed – 1
  • Alex nomed – 1
  • Dom nomed – 7

“You voted for each other? Yes, that’s how politics works!!” (can’t remember who said this – it was getting late)

  • Eo nomed 0
  • Hatrick nomed 0
  • Evil ben nomed – 0

Dom wins with 9!!!!


10 Any other business/nonsense.

Ben: Greys are leaving plumpton, and going to BACA (otherwise known as FACA), do we go for nets in November? We vote for Yes, Ben to sort this wherever.

LOGO – subcommittee to sort this.

Meeting closed 10:50pm

And some pictures…

2 responses to “AGM 2016 minutes Sat 29/10/16 at Richie P’s house

  1. ‘nome’ is the abbreviation of gnomination, not ‘nomination’ which has a ‘short o’ vowel sound. And you try to make me look stupid.

    • No, you did that all by yourself EO. Thanks for this accurate account of what was said and done Delbert.

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