Chairman Terry’s 19 for 2019

How many of these will happen this season Greysmen?

Chairman Terry’s 19 for 2019
1 EO hits his first ever six for TMG or scores the 78 runs he needs for a career 1000
2 We win more games than we lose
3 Dave Turning Ball or Richard P or Jon Jon Kendall feature in a fifty run partnership (i.e. with another Greysman, or even each other)
4 Either DD or Tim Greaves play more than three matches
5 Duncan takes more than three catches
6 Either RoborBob or Hatrick smites a century
7 Zonk gets a michelle or Jerry takes more than 10 catches
8 Partridge wins a PSM for cricketing excellence
9 Biff gets the 5 wickets he needs for a career hundred
10 Ricky S takes a c and b or hits two boundaries or more in an innings
11 Alan hits a boundary to win a match or scores the 266 he needs for 2000 career runs
12 Delbert scores the 519 runs he needs for 6000 career runs and plays more than five matches
13 We beat Cutters Choice
14 I get either 50 runs or 5 wickets before my 400th game (389) for the club
15 Either Robbie Hoare gets more than 15 wickets or Wiggie scores a fifty
16 Alex hits a 50 or the 10th wicket record partnership (39) falls
17 Zak takes more than five catches or scores more than 150 runs
18 Captain Ben gets the 37 wickets he needs for 200 career wickets
19 Me and Jerry run a five (can be because of overthrows)
10 or more – I will put a ton behind the bar for disposal after the last game of the season

Any disputes, please note that my new solicitors are Messrs Barsnacks, Nibbles and Starters


One response to “Chairman Terry’s 19 for 2019

  1. Want to take part in a season-long Mighty Greys competition? All you have to do is look at the 19 for 2019 list and decide which ones are going to happen..or not.

    Look at the list, write down the numbers you are saying yes to, and send those numbers back to me (e.g, “2, 5, 7 etc” – by email, text or DM via WhatsApp

    I’ll put those numbers onto my proforma. Winner to be announced at AGM.

    Biff proposes that the prize should be a monkey, so anyone looking to win a real, live macaque – get those numbers in now!

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