TMGs vs Newhaven April 2009 by Ricky Southon

The not so mighty greys tossed off the 2009 season with a defeat at Newhaven.
The high octane match was played a stones throw away from the heavily defended fort on the harbour, where never in the field of human conflict has so many been owed by so few [see tims fine book! ]
The game startedwith the Greys batting on a fair but unpredictable wicket with openers mssers Gerry and Alex who set the tone for a stirling performance to the middle order, giving it some! [At this point I got distracted taking pics!] Untill a compleat and utter collapse
of epic proportions closed the innings 167 all out.
After a magnificent tea [that included fruit!]
It was all set for the home side to chase the runs but could not get going after The Mighty Greys gave the openers the ‘unleash the dogs of
war treatment’ that was until…. A middle order stand dug in and began picking up runs here and there off some dodgy bowling!
Cheaply and steadily like a pound shop, Newhaven gained the upper ground and punched on towards the total.
It was to little to late after we had managed to remove the dangermen, leaving only the weather as our salvation… It was not to be
on such a wonderful sunny day leaving Newhaven to mop up the victory with ten overs to spare.
The spoils of battle to the victors and man the lifeboats and buckle up the jackets, the greys are all at sea! Until the next game that is…


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