TMGs vs Sidbury June 2009 by Biffo Line

Sidbury skip mark ‘bish’ bishop will clearly one day make a fine politician , perhaps even prime minister. Not for his boyish good looks and easy charm ,qualities not seen since bliar went to heaven(what do you mean he’s still alive? I’ll get me air rifle , you’ll be telling me she’s still alive next) but for burying evidence of bad news , making lame excuses and finally coming up with a whitewashed and diluted precis of something everyone’s forgotten about anyway.well luckily some of us have the memorys of elephants as well as the ears and I for one shall not forget this day.

The first six or so hours of it were taken up by the greys first ever campfire singsong with ricky ‘the human wurlitzer’ southon leading the massed choirs of greysmen through a dizzying array of popular tunes , so dizzying in fact that several fell over and/or were sick. Eventually though dawn reminded us we had a game of cricket on and we turned in after explaining to ricky that even though it had a girls name he couldn’t chat it up.

The game itself , preceded as all tour games must be by a couple of otters ,was as one sided as a sidbury game has ever been , tmg’s massive 281 being answered by a meek 68 from the ever gracious hosts.the little master (batter?) smashing an imperious 146 from only 12 balls while the plucky but talentless skipper carved out 60 despite viciously cracking the ball on to his own head and then blaming everyone else.

Despite looking and smelling like people who had been up all night in a field tmg’s efforts in the field were suprisingly vigorous , spearheaded by a virgin michelle from robby and ably supported by a pre-op io , a fresh faced (teetotal) ibu and tim who would later go on to eat an entire chip shop. Also notable was an outbreak of the fabled ‘proper cricket’ as ben stumped a tailender off ibu. The batsman later claimed he had been tricked as he had mistaken ben for a fourth stump.

After the game it was more otter plus anything else we could get down us and as the day came to an end , miraculously , another began. We were on tour.


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