TMG vs Pullborough May 2013 by Ricky Southon

A river ran through it!

Yes Sunday was an other wild card fixture rescued by Alex our secretary par exalance! It was a journey in to the unknown that was Pullbourgh, and what a pleasant surprise when we came down rectors passage and saw what looked like great facilities with a nite club attached! Marvelous.

After the toss the Pullbourgh went in to bat. A steady start from our opening bowlers messers Hoare and day kept the  opposition at bay, keeping runs to a minimum.

As the wickets got picked off slowly they begun to get out the big guns…boom,bash,smash,six’s and fours rained in especially from some kiwi bloke who twats hundreds on a regular basis. After the Stirling efforts of the openers the mighty greys looked on the ropes…change of bowlers in the shape of the dashing R Southon and the whispering deathly blows of I Sewell made the decisive break throughs to get Pullbourgh back on the back foot and all out for under 150 before tea.

And what a substantial tea it was with chips and every thing…yum!

Alas during the interval the heavens opened up and it persisted…so we then persisted to the bar and hoped for a break in the rain. The covers stayed on and on…and on until a glimmer of hope to play but on inspection Alas…a river ran through it.

Hey ho back to pub early doors.

Yours messily Ricky.

Scorecard included below.


2 responses to “TMG vs Pullborough May 2013 by Ricky Southon

  1. I should add here that Ricky wrote this as a text message message on his phone. What an effort! …and he still managed to get his report in before Alan, whose now had nearly 2 weeks…come on Al!

  2. Bring back fines for late match reports. A pound for the first week doubling up for each subsequent week. That’ll get “the wall ” moving!

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