we’re famous! I mean…a bit more famous!

A while back we were contacted by a journalist by the name of Robert Drane who writes for the Inside Cricket magazine in Australia (it’s one of those good old printed magazines like Private Eye and our own fanzines – remember these?…not one of those scrappy online ones). Robert was a really friendly bloke, we exchanged some emails, some pictures (like the one of us below which shows us in a very youthful glow), and he even called me Dekka! Oh the memories, I haven’t been called that for years.

He wanted to do a short piece on the mighty greys because he was impressed by our spirit and banter. Of course! he had found our website! Anyways, the magazine was published many months ago, but getting hold of a copy was tough – clearly they’d flown off the shelves, but Robert has now tracked down that article, from page 22…and here tis!

At first I thought there must be some mistake, we don’t have any Japanese women playing for us? but as usual, I’d got the wrong end of the stick. While it certainly doesn’t do our banter or innovative match report writing style justice (there’s no mention of the team song, the eroticism, that stairway transcription, the poems, the whiny the pooh characters, the crosswords, the guy ritchie movie script, the eat-play-rave-repeat, etc), it’s certainly nice to be recognised as, well…winners and boozers…which is exactly what we are…DFWTMG…


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