TMGs vs Angmering 19th September 2021 by Jerry Brasher


Found in a dark , dank ,smelly cave like area next to the social area of the ancient people’s TMG’erectus HQium some ancient  scrolls were discovered  and very slowly eminent professors  who have studied these ancient people managed to understand  what went on on that wet afternoon  in the prehistoric  village of Angmering. 

The first scroll (fig 1) confounded all experts ; pictured using the common rain shelter technique  of hatchbackus bootus were DDman and a later TMGerectus figure BUmbo’erectum a slight evolutionary  tweak on the original tribe who was famed for his keenness  . The words ” I hate playing in  the  rain ” were easily  deciphered  and were , quite obviously attributed  to DDman a central figure in TMGerectus folklore well known for his dislike of actually partaking in  ” the ritual ” and his preference for the more shamanic rites of the tribe. On closer inspection and using new carbon dating technologies  it was shown that of the tribe standing in a pissing wet carpark (?) the words  had actually come from Bumboerectum. All scientists  now agree that this was the first time this creature had ever shown any doubt about partaking in the ritual  (50 rituals a year for fucks sake , he’ll  be like that brown shrivelled  Spiegleman soon) and was thus another evolutionary  tweak in this new strain of Greysman. 

Obviously after so many years since the events took  place many aspects of the days ritual  have been lost to the annals of history but from these ancient pictures we can see that TMGerectus utilising their wooden clubs or “bats” as we believe  they were called strode to the middle of the clearing to smash the red egg-like thing into the wet grass again and again and again a futile and frustrating  practice which some feel may have contributed  to the rancour and bad feeling that  developed  over the venue for their annual shamanic gathering where a chosen one or ” GOTY” as we believe he (and it was always a he) was known was selected. On a historical  note this man was truly honoured and is respected and treated in a God like fashion for the 365 suns since his ordination i.e. no one can diss his match report regardless of how shit it is (note : you know who you are). 

The tribesmen continued in the middle as the weather improved (perhaps the gods were smiling due to DanH’s toilet ritual of the previous year) with impressive  whacks by BIFF,  HR , Dom and most striking of all (fig 2), DC whacking it onto his pelt leg guards resulting in the wierd rival tribesman in the long white polar bear skin raising his finger in a true sign of aggression. DC stood his ground and the ritual was allowed to continue. This followed another incident where the white skinned one attempted to catch the red egg (reminiscent of William Webb Ellis many score years later a terrible  incident that gave us fucking rugby, apologies I digress) a terrible transgression of the rites of this ritual but which was forgiven as this man had most definitely spent too long alone under a juniper bush or something. 

After some hunting , gathering and foraging the ritual  was reversed with the Angmeringers taking up the clubs and after some flinging of the red egg at the Tri-phallic obelisk it soon became clear TMG’erectus  were more evolutionary advanced than there country cousins; particularly impressive were DanHman, DDman, Bumboerectum and DC.

This brought the tribal elder into the battle; we feel he is an important member of the tribe as he is the only one with colourization on the scroll which reflects his standing within the tribe and the fact that he has remained alive considerably  longer than any other tribal member.  Interpreting  this scroll (fig 3) is difficult but seems to show him using his hypnotic brilliance to bamboozle the Angmeringman by bowling not at the phallic obelisk (as is the custom) but many widths to the side; confused the clubber wildly swung his club , under edged the red egg onto Fentonjustabouterectus’s foot to then nestle in-between GOTY’s thighs. A truly amazing incident which had never been recorded before or since. There was still time for Biff to revolutionise the technique  of red egg stopping in a particularly  relaxed fashion and even to this day the smile is still clearly visible on his face (fig 4).

The ritual slowly ground to halt as apart from some original chanting that has been deciphered “come on Mark” from the Angmeringers  and “You’re not so chatty out here” from Fentonjustabouterectus the TMGerectus ended up victorious and another season had come to an end.

TMGs innings – 1
Angmering innings – 2
DDman driving
Skipperman tonkes a maximus

8 responses to “TMGs vs Angmering 19th September 2021 by Jerry Brasher

  1. The mists of time can obscure many details, like my own participation in the mysterious ritual, for instance. Subsequent generations will pore over the video and scorebook documents and wonder “who was this 6 hitting character?” with the highest number next to his name, and why did the scribe see fit to edit him out of history? Much more to this than meets the eye….

    • Apologies Cue Bea ( also the Woodingdeanium Familiar ) I adopted a new – for me at least – technique of not looking at the scorebook at all whilst writing the report 5 weeks after the game . With hindsight maybe a bit of familisation of what actually occured may have helped !

  2. Cue Bea the Unwritten- (Greys) History is written by the winners (of PSM). That’s also why in Fig. 3 I am represented as a stylised foot, whereas Jerry is a fleshed out stick man with knees and a quiff and everything. Don’t think James gets a look in either.

  3. This find with it’s wealth of archaeological and cultural discoveries is much more important than boring old Sutton Hoo. This shines a brilliant light on the ancients who dwelt here and their arcane and misunderstood pastimes.

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  5. Jerry, this is brilliant! Taken me too bloody long to get round to reading it. It’s a shame Alex’s top sledges have lost us the fixture but they were funny. Love the drawing of the chaise long barrier

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